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Join Omar Cumberbatch as he discusses Cutting Edge Strategies for Certified Health Coaches!

As Health Coaching becomes more popular by the day, it is vital that we are able to use all of the resources available to us to create thriving practices in order to provide our clients with results that they truly want.

The Health Coach Academy interviews experts of various disciplines to help us understand the concepts that will make our business boom all while keeping up with the latest health and wellness trends so that we are better able to serve our clients.

The Art of Visual Diagnosis With Andrea Beaman!

How valuable would it be to be able to just look at a clients face and be able to know exactly what organ in their body needs to be addressed? As health coaches, we don't always have the luxury to run blood tests, X-rays, or MRI's to determine the root of some of our...

Creating Killer Content With Lori Kennedy!

Content creation is one of the toughest parts of being an online entrepreneur.  Lori Kennedy is the queen of content creation and master of ready to use content for the health practitioner. She joins the show to discuss this talent and share how she went from trading...

Health Coaching, Walmart, and Sean Croxton.

Are we witnessing the Walmart-ification of health coaching before our very eyes?  Are the discounted packages that coaches are offering driving down the prices of our services to obscene levels?  Why are all these health coaches undercutting themselves and providing...

Latest Episodes from Health Coach Academy

Is PR a Viable Alternative to Facebook Ads?

Is PR a Viable Alternative to Facebook Ads?

I don't know about you, but I feel that Facebook Ads just aren't what they used to be. For instance, I used to be able to boost a post and get tremendous results as far as likes and comments go. Now? Not so much. Let me not pick on Facebook. I should add that social...

The Brand, the Book, the Bon-Vivant Girl!

The Brand, the Book, the Bon-Vivant Girl!

They say everyone has a book in them. But the tricky part is how to get that book out of you. Nathalie Botros, aka the Bon-Vivant Girl, joins the show to share what we all should know before we begin to write that book. She also shares how her brand was created, and...

Quantum Success with Christy Whitman!

Quantum Success with Christy Whitman!

It is often said that how you do one thing is how you do everything. The only way to do this is to create a mindset that promotes quantum success in everything that you do. Abundance is a reality! So to be a successful health coach, it is imperative that we set our...