2020s: The Decade of the Health Coach With Mastin Kipp!

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Mastin Kipp Shares His Limiting Beliefs and How He Overcame Them

Take That First Step to a Thriving Health Coaching Practice


Mastin Kipp Notable Quotes

“The reason why you’re stuck or you’re [emotionally] dead in your life is because staying stuck is safe. It’s keeping you safe in a survival context…so when we get unstuck, it’s courageous to be able to do that. So, it takes a courageous choice to get unstuck.”
Mastin Kipp


Episode Summary

When we’re starting out our health coaching business, there will be a lot of things that we’re going to have to overcome—limiting beliefs that get in the way of us moving forward. And it’s understandable why we feel that way, but it’s also important for us to work on breaking through those roadblocks so we can go do what we were meant to do: help people.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to best-selling author, speaker, and Functional Life Coach, Mastin Kipp, to share a little bit about how we can overcome our limiting beliefs so we can start establishing ourselves and thrive in our health coaching businesses.


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Daily Love: Growing into Grace by Mastin Kipp
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Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That keep you Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life’s Unique Purpose by Mastin Kipp
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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Mastin Kipp (02:05)
  • Mastin Kipp and his passion for coaching (02:52)
  • Mastin Kipp and his struggles in his early years (04:55)
    • The three health coach archetypes (05:40)
  • How do we health coaches get over the sales issue (07:48)
  • The “I can do this” moment (10:55)
  • The very first thing Mastin Kipp ever offered (14:00)
    • Implementation data is different from planning (15:58)
  • Mastin Kipp’s initial email list: who were they and why did he feel comfortable to offer them coaching services (16:57)
  • Mastin Kipp’s signature breakthrough with Oprah Winfrey (19:02)
  • The best way a health coach can get themselves out there (22:50)
    • Know which platform your target clients are and show up consistently (23:22)
    • Just announce what you do on social media (24:45)
    • Hop onto ifm.org and work in concentric circles with local practitioners (25:23)
  • Differentiating fear with a gut feel (26:53)
  • If you’re stuck, then you’re just lacking courage (29:55)
  • What is a health coach’s best investment? (32:58)
  • The difference between the head and the heart model (35:05)
  • Mastin Kipp’s daily routine (37:00)
    • What Mastin Kipp eats and his belief around food (38:43)
  • Mastin Kipp’s parting advice for health coaches (41:52)


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