The Magical Thing About 90 Days

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The Surprising Amount of Work You Can Do in 3 Months

The Many Ways to Go About Entrepreneurship


Michelle Ward Notable Quotes


“I tell [my clients] from the start, the only way you get an A+ on the 90-Day Business Launch is if you do B- work.”
Michelle Ward

“I think that there’s this myth that successful entrepreneurs have these specific qualities, and if you don’t have these specific qualities, you’re not going to be one. Like, no, I just think that the only test you need to give yourself as to whether entrepreneurship is for you and whether you’re going to be a quote-unquote ‘successful entrepreneur’ is like, what kind of stress do you want?”
Michelle Ward


Episode Summary

How long does it reasonably take to launch a health coaching business? A year, maybe half a year from planning until launch? Well, thanks to digital platforms—along with a solid plan and a clear mindset of what we want to achieve, of course—we can cut that down to just 90 days!

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the business coach behind the 90-Day Business Launch Program, Michelle Ward to break down how exactly we can take advantage of our resources and hit the ground running to realistically achieve a business launch in three months.


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            90-Day Business Launch Program – Website | Instagram


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michelle Ward (01:02)
  • Michelle Ward and her business origin story (02:55)
  • When the side hustle turned out to be the main journey (07:06)
  • Was Michelle Ward always good at business? (08:51)
  • The 90-Day Business Launch: what’s so magical about 90 days? (12:12)
  • The first step in the 90-day journey (14:10)
  • The foundational pillar is the mindset aspect (18:04)
  • Overcoming the biggest mindset shifts (21:33)
  • What results can we expect from the 90-Day Business Launch? (24:02)
  • Helping with the marketing aspect of the business (26:00)
  • Can anyone fail in business? (29:39)
  • The many ways to go about entrepreneurship (33:34)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Michelle Ward (34:30)
  • Michelle’s 90-Day Business Launch Training (34:44)


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