A Conversation with the Founder of The Health Coach Group Cathy Sykora

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Health Coaching and Marketing Conversations with Cathy Sykora

Health Coach Group and How Cathy Sykora Built It Up


Cathy Sykora Notable Quotes

“I was not afraid [to spend money on advertising] because I knew that if I put so much money out, I would have a percentage of a return come back if I did it right.”
Cathy Sykora


Episode Summary

This episode is a bit of a special episode where The Health Coach Group Founder Cathy Sykora and I make the best of our little technical trouble and turn it into a great conversation. Cathy Sykora shares her insights and some tips on how we can be better health coaches and better entrepreneurs.


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The Health Coach Group


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Cathy Sykora (00:18)
  • Omar Cumberbatch, IIN, and the podcast (04:44)
  • Learning through podcasting (05:30)
  • IIN, individual and group coaching (07:12)
  • Staying in your lane and the theory of reciprocity (08:12)
  • Putting health coaches on the map (10:30)
  • Making health coaches known as being health coaches (13:12)
  • Investing in ourselves as health coaches (16:27)
  • Going outside of your comfort zone and doing good (18:30)
  • The issue of health coaches not thriving (19:34)
  • Why Omar chose podcasting to get his message out (23:58)
    • How Omar got Sean Croxton to mentor him (25:45)
    • Omar and initial feelings about podcasting (27:40)
  • The first few steps to help with your health coaching business (29:20)
  • Avenues for exposure and getting visual (32:30)
  • Cathy Sykora: health coaching is not a saturated market (35:24)
  • Health coaches and billing through insurance (39:03)
    • Showing the difference between investing in health and not investing in health (41:40)


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