How to Do Social Media When You Hate Social Media

Lauren Litt, Health Coach Academy, podcast

The Big 3 of Social Media Platforms: Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube

Consistency is Key! But Hows Consistent is Consistent?


Notable Quotes

“Your audience is unique, and you are unique, so what works for you might not work for someone else. And you really have to try something for about three months, look back at your analytics and be like, what worked and what didn’t, and then do more of what worked and let go of what didn’t.”
Lauren Litt


Episode Summary

Marketing is a part of any business, and as health coaches, we’re no different. One way to get ourselves out there and get people—potential clients, that is—to know, like, and trust us is through social media platforms, where we can, hopefully, lure them out of the social media platforms and our programs.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Founder of Lil Shameless Plug, Lauren Litt, to walk us through the power of having a social media presence and the wonders it can do to our health coaching businesses.


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Lil Shameless Plug


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lauren Litt (01:35)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Creation Course! (02:20)
  • Lauren Litt: who she is and what she does (03:54)
  • Why some people struggle with maintaining social media presence (05:58)
  • The hardest part of doing social media (07:33)
  • What Lauren Litt saw in Omar and the content she thought to do (08:35)
    • Why Omar chooses to do what he does (09:06)
  • How important is the consistency piece in social media marketing? (10:32)
    • How often to post in different social media platforms (12:07)
  • Should we still bother having a Facebook page these days? (13:09)
  • Health coaches give up on social media because of the low reach thanks to the algorithm (15:00)
    • The pros and cons of making your friend page your business page (16:56)
  • Is it worth having and maintaining a Pinterest page? (18:01)
    • What are conversion rates? (18:43)
  • Do you always have to keep posts pretty on Pinterest? (21:25)
  • Pinterest will tell you exactly what you need to do (24:14)
  • LinkedIn and its high conversion rates (24:41)
    • How often to post on LinkedIn (26:58)
  • Leveraging YouTube for social media content (28:21)
    • Owning your podcast channel on YouTube (28:54)
    • The power of YouTube Shorts (29:55)
  • Uploading podcast episodes into YouTube (31:55)
  • Drop the audiograms—they do not work (36:27)
  • Do audiograms still have a place in the world? (40:11)
  • The purpose of social media is to direct potential customers into your world (41:04)
    • Two rules of marketing (42:44)
  • Where to find Lauren Litt and keep up with her work (46:16)


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