How to Avoid Oxalate-Rich Food

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Monique’s Dirty Dozen of Oxalate-Rich Food

Steps to Start Flushing Out Oxalates Today


Monique Attinger Notable Quotes

“All plants have some oxalate. All animal products are low to zero. And so, here we are, moving steadily towards plant-based eating, and what we’re doing, quite inadvertently, is increasing oxalate in our diet with each adjustment to taking in more plants and less animal products.”

                                                – Monique Attinger


Episode Summary

Many of us want to do our best and eat as cleanly and healthily as possible—eat our proteins, eat our veggies, fruit, maybe pop in a supplement or two. But little did we know that some foods that we initially thought are healthy might actually be causing more harm than good, say those pesky high-oxalate food.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to certified holistic nutritionist, the Low-Oxalate Coach Monique Attinger to shed some light on what oxalates are and how they affect us and our bodies when they’re abundant in our diet.


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Monique AttingerLow Ox Coach Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Monique Attinger (01:40)
  • Monique Attinger and her health journey (04:00)
    • Monique’s daughter and her oxalate problem (07:55)
  • What are oxalates and what do they do? (11:42)
    • What does oxalate do in a plant? (14:33)
  • Oxalate is an anti-nutrient and a mild poison (15:28)
    • Soluble and non-soluble oxalate (16:12)
  • Naturally occurring oxalate in the human body (16:50)
  • Why are some people more sensitive to the effects of oxalate? (17:57)
  • Foods to avoid that are high in oxalate (21:35)
  • The oxalate dirty dozen (24:38)
    • Almonds (24:52)
    • Spinach (25:35)
    • Rhubarb (25:44)
    • Dark chocolate (26:32)
    • Turmeric (27:22)
  • Will a high oxalate diet cause weight gain? (28:56)
  • Is oxalate to blame for joint pain? (30:06)
  • Is there anything that can flush out oxalate from our bodies? (32:17)
  • Does good hydration help with the body’s oxalate load? (37:27)
  • Why is it so difficult to get oxalate off the body? (38:28)
  • Some low-oxalate meals (42:10)
  • Supplements to help get rid of oxalates (46:29)
  • Is there any testing we can do to find out our oxalate levels? (48:30)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Monique Attinger is doing (52:35)


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