Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Carbs?

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Correcting Obesity and Diabetes by Staying Away from Carbohydrates

The Carb Addiction Doc Sheds Light on the Role of Carbohydrates


Dr. Robert Cywes Notable Quotes

“While there is an original survival advantage, we’ve abused and exploited that survival advantage—that endorphin high of carbohydrates, of tobacco leaves, of coco leaves—and we have caused ourselves harm with the very mechanism that originally was a survival mechanism.”
Dr. Robert Cywes

“Sugar is a necessity in our blood, but it’s not a necessity in our face.
                                                – Dr. Robert Cywes

“That’s addiction management—it’s drawing a line in the sand and moving out of that house.”
Dr. Robert Cywes

“As long as your goal is to lose weight, you will always fail because weight loss belongs to skinny people who’ve got ten pounds to lose. By the time you’re severely obese, when you’ve got 50+ pounds to lose, you are no longer in a weight loss realm. You have a substance abuse problem.”
Dr. Robert Cywes

“I do not believe that a diet is adequate if you have to supplement your way through it.”
Dr. Robert Cywes


Episode Summary

When you grow up getting used to bingeing out on carbohydrates—cookies, ice cream, sweets—when you feel like it, it’s understandable how difficult it can be to steer away from it, let alone completely let it go…but it doesn’t have to be.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the Carb Addiction Doctor, Dr. Robert Cywes, to shed some light on the role of carbohydrates in a multitude of health issues including obesity, diabetes, and even autism, and how we can preserve and optimize our health by moving away from carbohydrates.


Relevant Links

The Carb Addiction Doc – Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Dr. Robert Cywes’ Medical Practice Contact Number: 561-517-0642


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Robert Cywes (00:38)
  • Robert Cywes, carb addiction, and his journey into his profession (02:15)
  • The surprising results of Dr. Robert Cywes’ research (04:24)
    • Findings from the liver transplant research (04:30)
    • Diabetes: the fatal potential of unstable blood clots (08:40)
    • We’re intensely programmed to eat carbohydrates (10:45)
    • Incentives for biological drives (11:45)
    • Abusing survival advantages (12:52)
  • You do not have to put carbohydrates in your face to survive (14:50)
  • The population vulnerable to addictive behavior (16:36)
  • The difficulty of the initial shift out of a carbohydrate-heavy diet (19:22)
    • When it’s no longer weight loss and it’s already substance abuse (20:00)
    • What matters is not eating carbohydrates (21:37)
    • When carbohydrates become your entire emotional management system (23:08)
  • Robert Cywes: exercise as a weight loss tool does not work (26:03)
  • Robert’s take on veganism (27:35)
  • Distinguishing carbohydrates (28:28)
    • A vegan diet is a diet of deficiency (29:06)
  • Fiber for gut health (30:42)
    • Robert Cywes: fiber is a choice, not a necessity (31:55)
  • Living off the land through plants and meat (34:20)
  • The massive epidemic of autism in modern America (37:22)
  • To those who fear gluconeogenesis (38:53)
  • Why we need to un-demonize fat (41:50)
  • Creating insulin sensitivity for your body (45:22)
  • What Dr. Robert’s meal plan looks like (47:32)
  • Your body doesn’t need carbohydrates and alcohol and therefore doesn’t have a built-in homeostatic negative feedback response (50:20)
  • Eating the right types of meat (53:11)
  • The thing about heart disease and dispelling fears around it (55:30)
  • Where to find Dr. Robert Cywes and keep up with what he’s doing (01:02:58)


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