Less Calories DOES NOT Make Us Healthier!

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The First Steps to Tamping Down Inflammation

The Difference Between Acute Inflammation vs. Chronic Inflammation


Notable Quotes

“And it was almost a bigger mission just besides the perimenopause and menopause issue, the bigger mission is to keep you out of my nursing homes because it’s all connected to decreasing inflammation, to increasing your muscle mass, to decreasing body fat so that we can live better, live longer, and prevent disease. And that’s where it comes down to stop chasing skinny and trying to get to a certain size that you think that you should be able to attain because that doesn’t mean anything when you are 75, 80, 90, you break a hip.”
Amy Wilson

“We’re going for longevity because when you finish is when you take your last breath on this earth, because now we’re looking at nutrition. Now we’re looking at muscle building. That’s not a quick fix. That is something that goes up and down, and that’s something that is a journey. And it’s time to embrace the journey of getting stronger, losing inflammation, and getting healthier.”
Amy Wilson

“We don’t look at the person who’s eating the big mac and fries at all and say, ‘Oh, I can’t believe you’re eating that.’ But you’re looking at the person who’s eating all healthy and going,’ Oh, you must be on a diet, that’s horrible.’ We need to normalize eating real food again.”
Amy Wilson


Episode Summary

The key to good health is stable, balanced blood sugar levels—ones that don’t easily spike or tank because blood sugar levels that do are the ones that can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. So what causes unstable blood sugar levels and what can we do to balance it out to avoid these inflammatory diseases?

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to triple threat nutritionist, fitness coach, and pharmacist Amy Wilson to answer all our questions. Amy’s unique background gives us a well-rounded view of health, nutrition, and the power we hold over both.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Amy Wilson (01:38)
  • How Amy Wilson landed on her demographic of geriatric clients (03:11)
    • Hitting 40 and dealing with perimenopause and menopause (05:42)
    • Going beyond calories in versus calories out (06:44)
  • Eating less calories DOES NOT mean we’re getting healthier (09:11)
  • Seeing friends undergo—and fail—the program of The Fast Way to Fat Loss (11:57)
  • The breakthrough that completely changed the game (13:01)
  • Balancing blood sugar while still eating carbohydrates (16:12)
  • The underlying cause is chronic inflammation (18:04)
    • Acute inflammation vs. chronic inflammation (18:17)
  • What can we do to tamp down on chronic inflammation? (20:42)
  • Drugs and supplements that can actually help (22:28)
  • The issue with our fish and fish population (24:43)
  • Amy Wilson’s thoughts on Ozempic (25:46)
    • The irreversible side effects of drugs like Ozempic (26:52)
    • An increase in colon cancer cases (28:45)
    • The side effect of sagging skin (31:18)
  • Taking a short stint on Ozempic for a short-term goal (33:07)
  • Where to keep track of Amy Wilson and her work (35:10)


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