Behavioral Loops Got You Stuck?

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The Mox Life Mistress, Midori Verity, Teaches Us How to Break Through Those Limiting Beliefs! 

Overcome Behavioral Loops and Set Your Business Up For Success!


Midori Verity Notable Quotes

“What I help people with is recognizing, first of all, you have to be aware what your beliefs are, so there’s a number of ways we can do that. By becoming aware of what your limiting beliefs are, we can start changing them and replacing them with ones that serve us much better.”
Midori Verity


Episode Summary

Each and every person has their own vision of what success looks like, but for a lot of people, it means being able to live the kind of lifestyle they want with the finances that afford them freedom and comfort. Sadly, there are times when entrepreneurs work themselves to the bone without their bank accounts reflecting their hard work. And according to Midori, that’s because of our limiting beliefs, or what she likes to call ‘behavioral loops.’

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the founder of The Mox Life, Midori Verity, to walk us through what behavioral loops are, why they hold us back from success, and what we can do to overcome our limiting beliefs.


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Midori Verity – Website | The Mox Life | Contact | Facebook | LinkedIn


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Midori Verity (01:01)
  • Midori Verity, her story, and her brand (02:26)
  • Behavioral loops that hold us back from success (05:28)
    • What Midori Verity helps people with (08:00)
  • Examples of limiting beliefs that keep us in our safe zone (08:28)
    • When you start something but not finish it (10:55)
  • The 3 A’s to overcome behavioral loops (12:42)
  • Awareness is the first step (13:52)
    • I’d love to do…but… (14:26)
  • Establishing the difference between intuition and fear (17:02)
  • Overcome the behavioral loop with Action (19:12)
    • Accomplishing more in 90 days (20:32)
  • Taking accountability to keep you on track and reach your goals (22:18)
  • Why are people who invest in continuing education and self-development not immune to frustration (24:40)
  • Pick out and prioritize what’s most important to you (27:47)
  • Midori Verity’s advice for health coaches on the fence (31:15)
  • Midori’s business model and different income streams (33:53)
  • You got to have the clients in the database first before branching into different revenue streams (35:48)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Midori Verity (38:28)


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