Laura Poburan, Health Coach, Health Coach Academy

Better coach, better results, better profits with Laura Poburan.

Laura Poburan discusses her tips for successful health coaching, better results, and increased profits.

Laura Poburan shares her journey, and how she came to be a health coach.

Laura Poburan teaches you how to build your business with an entrée, not appetizers.

Notable Quotes

“My purpose is really to help coaches figure out how to more deeply serve their clients from a subconscious level, from a triggered level, and rewire their brain so that we can give them the results they’re looking for and give them the life they’re looking for as well.”
Laura Poburan

“Looks through your own lens and ask yourself, ‘does that feel good for me? And if it doesn’t, there’s probably a different way you could be doing it and getting better results because you’re aligned with the action you’re taking.”
Laura Poburan

“Hire a mentor-based not on what they promise you, but based on how you feel when you talk to them and how their community operates.”
Laura Poburan


Episode Summary

            Here on the show, when we talk about health coaching, we often talk about the business side of things: how to build your business and scale it, how to get more clients, how to get yourself out there. In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we have Laura Poburan to talk about how to coach better and how to better serve our clients.

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Laura Poburan, Health Coaching – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Page

In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Laura Poburan (01:58)
  • Laura Poburan, her journey, and how she started in health coaching (03:58)
  • Laura is a health coach who helps coaches coach their clients (05:58)
    • How trigger mapping was born (07:18)
  • Build your business with an entrée, not appetizers (08:28)
  • Certifications and being enough (10:45)
  • How working with Laura Poburan is a huge advantage for you (12:05)
    • Certifications don’t prepare you enough (14:05)
  • The gap between getting your certification and getting your business started (15:10)
    • Turn inwards and go with what feels good (17:00)
  • Training yourself out of comparing yourself to peers (19:00)
    • Prioritize doing the things that excite you (20:50)
  • Differentiating the heavy stuff from the things we’re fearful about (21:10)
  • Laura Poburan and her business model (23:13)
    • How Laura’s coaching business started (24:48)
    • Check in with yourself and be open to make adjustments (27:22)
  • Not just trial and error, trial and error faster (28:45)
  • Support in the business and scaling the business (30:30)
    • Prioritizing what feels heaviest first and what holds Laura back (32:18)
  • Hire a mentor based not on what they promise you, but based on how you feel when you talk to them (34:50)
  • Laura’s recommendations (38:38)
  • Where to keep up-to-date with what Laura does (41:46)


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