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Lisa Haggis, Health Coach Academy, podcast

The Difference Between Branding and Visual Branding

Leverage Specificity and Our Unique Approach


Lisa Haggis Notable Quotes

“Branding is simply having a good, solid answer to the question, ‘why would somebody choose you?’ And the process on getting clear on your brand so that you can answer that question with clarity and conviction is something you should absolutely be doing right up front.”
Lisa Haggis

“The time for a full rebrand is actually not when things aren’t going well. So, the best time for a rebrand is actually when you’ve seen success, and you feel either that because of the success, you’ve outgrown the way that you’re showing up, you’ve outgrown the people that you’re working with, or the way your offerings are put together, or the messages out there on your website. It’s because of success that you’re feeling that you’ve outgrown it.”
Lisa Haggis

“The struggle is such an important part of the journey because when we’re struggling, there’s a reason. There’s a lesson that’s trying to teach itself to us.”
Lisa Haggis


Episode Summary

As health coaches, especially those of us who are new in the space, we’ve heard a lot of advice and opinions about branding, including niching down and tailoring our marketing and messaging to be specific in targeting an audience. That said, all those advice and opinions don’t always say the same thing, so how do we know which one should we take to heart?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Lisa Haggis of Realize Your Brand to break down the nitty gritty details of branding for us and how we can leverage the right kind of branding to attract the right kind of people to help our business thrive.


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Realize Your Brand – Website | Instagram


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lisa Haggis (01:22)
  • Lisa Haggis, her background, and her branding business (03:35)
  • Should we health coaches look at branding right at the start of our businesses? (07:20)
  • Branding vs. visual branding (09:20)
  • Establishing who we are and narrowing down who we serve (10:30)
  • Lisa Haggis’ existential branding model (13:03)
    • Why does your brand exist? What is its purpose? (13:34)
    • What value does your brand bring to people? (15:08)
    • Why should people choose you? (16:58)
  • How much of branding is affected by our limiting beliefs? (18:27)
  • Common themes when it comes to health coaching branding (20:03)
    • What fear makes us do (20:58)
  • The concern about boxing ourselves in (22:16)
  • Getting past the resistance for a rebrand (25:27)
    • The actual time for a full rebrand (26:45)
  • Recognizing how we’re incomparable to other service providers (28:51)
    • Leveraging specificity (29:25)
    • Our unique approach (33:15)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Lisa Haggis (37:24)
  • Lisa Haggis’ parting advice (38:23)


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