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Calm the Stress and Anxiety with Webe Kälm

Breathe in, Calm Down, and Make Better Food Choices


Notable Quotes

“Getting out of these high stress states is great for making better food choices, helping curb the appetite, and just setting your intention. So when your behaviors align with your intentions, there’s more congruence there when you’re more present and regulated.”
Dr. Matthew Lederman


Episode Summary

We know that managing stress plays a big role in our overall health including weight loss. The less we’re able to manage our stress, the higher our tendency to engage in destructive behavior will be, which oftentimes means making not-so-great food choices and bingeing. Luckily for us, a quick way to get our stress levels under control is through breathing exercises.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re welcoming back returning guest Dr. Matthew Lederman, co-founder of WeHeal and Webe Kälm with his wife Dr. Alona Pulde, to share an innovative new device that helps manage stress and achieve calmness through slow breathing, visual focus, and auditory regulation through white noise.


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Webe Kälm – Website | Instagram | Facebook

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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Matthew Lederman (02:10)
  • Matthew Lederman: who he is and the tool he created (04:14)
  • Directly addressing the parasympathetic nervous system (05:26)
  • When to begin introducing the webe kälm practice to children (09:31)
  • Using the webe kälm as adults (11:11)
  • How the webe kälm can aid in weight loss (13:08)
  • Using the webe kälm tool with aggressive children (16:23)
  • Training to correct breathing (18:36)
  • Use cases for the webe kälm device (21:24)
  • The longevity of the webe kälm device (23:41)


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