Combating Mental Illness With The Carnivore Diet 

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Brett Lloyd’s Grueling Journey to Beat Anxiety and Depression

How Brett Lloyd Religiously Followed His Carnivore Diet 


Brett Lloyd Notable Quotes

“People need to know this: you’re not broken. You’re not a genetic defect or mishap. You were taught to consume things that you shouldn’t have ever put into your mouth.”
Brett Lloyd


Episode Summary

Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, among other things, are still an enigma in general, as the roads to overcoming them are different from person to person. Some can be addressed by medication, some by psychotherapy, and others by…diet.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to someone who has cured their anxiety and depression (on top of other things) by religiously following through a carnivore diet: Brett Lloyd.


Relevant Links

Brett Lloyd – Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Website

MeatRx – Website


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Check out Fastic! (00:00)
  • Lori and Omar introduce the episode’s guest, Brett Lloyd (05:15)
  • Brett Lloyd, his journey, and where he is now (07:00)
    • The start of the symptoms (08:40)
    • How Brett’s depression manifested (11:08)
    • The wellness-illness cycle (14:00)
    • The decision to start getting better (18:30)
    • The start of the worst 4 years of Brett Lloyd’s life (21:08)
    • Seroquel did a good job at first (23:55)
    • Turning it all around starting with the medical marijuana (27:55)
    • Where the carnivore diet fit in (29:12)
    • Turning from a low-carb, high-fat diet into the carnivore diet (33:10)
  • Brett Lloyd’s progression into the carnivore diet (34:21)
  • The positive changes brought about by the carnivore diet (36:08)
  • Brett’s take on people saying the carnivore diet isn’t healthy (39:07)
  • The simple rules of the carnivore diet (41:30)
  • Some nuances of the meat diet (44:05)
  • No significant nutritional difference between ground beef and a steak (47:13)
  • Where to find other people who healed their anxiety and depression through the meat diet (48:58)
  • The immune system in the meat diet (51:12)
  • Doing well in the carnivore diet (52:40)
  • Where to find Brett Lloyd and keep up with what he’s doing (56:18)


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