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Take Control of Your Metabolic Health Before it Controls You

Keep Off Inflammatory Foods by Keeping Tabs on Your Glucose



Notable Quotes

“Metabolic health, which glucose is the center of, is one of the best things that we can monitor, and we can optimize to prevent those chronic lifestyle-related conditions. So, not only can it help us prevent the diagnosis of diabetes, but it can also help us maintain that healthy weight and maintain that good quality lifestyle.”

                                                – Carlee Hayes


Episode Summary

A few years back, when we talk about health, the first things that come to mind is reversing a diagnosis that we receive from our physicians. But times are changing, and with it, our definition of health. And one of the changes that’s been happening is the growing awareness around the importance of preventing metabolic and lifestyle diseases before they pose any real threat.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to nutritionist and dietitian Carlee Hayes of NutriSense to share how we can get a clear, overall picture of our health as well as how we can make the right changes towards optimizing our health with the help of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Carlee Hayes (03:16)
  • NutriSense continuous glucose monitor discount code: OMAR (04:27)
  • Carlee Hayes, optimizing diet and lifestyle, and NutriSense (05:48)
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and its benefits (09:01)
  • Glucose is the center of most metabolic diseases (11:18)
  • Foods that do and don’t cause glucose spikes (13:08)
  • Eliminating the need for prescriptions with NutriSense (16:01)
  • Diabetes patients upset with healthy people using CGMs (16:55)
  • Making information about health more accessible (20:00)
  • How stress and sleep influence glucose levels (20:25)
  • Why high glucose is bad (24:50)
  • An inflammatory condition called glycation (26:47)
  • Perceived age is higher when glucose levels are higher (28:37)
  • How glucose is affected by alcohol and coffee (29:22)
  • Continuous glucose monitoring and NutriSense (34:47)


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