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How Nutrition Plays into Keeping Skin Looking Great 

The Necessity of Adapting to Changing Trends


Chris Gibson Notable Quotes

“YouTube is an animal on its own. What I think it has given me is patience with myself when things are difficult to learn, or there’s a lot to learn, stretching my mind if it’s giving me a headache.”
Chris Gibson

“I try to give you back your power over your skin and your health…I teach people how to know if it’s time to throw something away, or should I spend money at JLo’s, or Ellen’s, or whatever’s, or what ingredients matter. I teach that it’s all about the ingredients and their effectiveness, not their branding, it’s all in the formulation.”

Chris Gibson


Episode Summary

When we’re talking about health coaching, we’re talking about taking back control of our health, and many times, it comes with a focus on weight loss. What if the kind of health coaching we’re talking about focuses on something a little different on top of weight loss, like, say, skincare?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach, author, and YouTuber, Chris Gibson to walk us through his journey of how he landed into his skincare health coaching niche and how we can take the first steps into it.


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Chris Gibson – YouTube | Personal Instagram | Skincare Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Website | Facebook Fan Page


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Chris Gibson (01:21)
  • Chris Gibson, his story, and his journey about how he got to where he is today (03:00)
  • Chris Gibson and how his business-mindedness helped with his success (13:25)
    • What YouTube taught Chris (15:11)
    • Chris and dealing with YouTube (17:12)
  • Getting negative feedback (19:16)
  • Sitting down and defining the ideal client (20:44)
  • How Chris adapted to the changing trends on YouTube (22:18)
  • Doing the market research to bring out the content people want (24:58)
  • Are men still interested in skincare as they were initially? (29:29)
  • Chris Gibson’s message to the health coach who’s just starting out (36:45)
  • Where to find Chris Gibson and keep up with what he’s doing (38:29)


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