Can Aloe Vera Help You Burn Fat?

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Aloe Vera Expert Dr. Michael Haley a.k.a. Organic Mike Shares the Wonders of Aloe Vera

Optimize Gut Health and Lose Weight with Aloe Vera


Dr. Michael Haley Notable Quotes

“Fast forward, I realize now that there is scientific reason why someone who has cancer would benefit from aloe vera. Not making aloe vera a cure, because again, remember—we have to look at the body from a whole perspective. And in stepping back, why did you get cancer in the first place? Was it because you didn’t have aloe vera in your diet? Of course not. We got to get rid of the cause and make some changes and make the body work more like it’s supposed to.”
Dr. Michael Haley


Episode Summary

When we talk about aloe vera, the first thing that pops in our heads is probably sunburns and how aloe seems to speed up the healing while instantly soothing the skin. But many of us don’t know about the healing wonders of aloe vera that goes beyond sunburn—and we’re talking about optimizing gut health and even helping with cancer.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the aloe expert, Dr. Michael Haley, to walk us through the many wonders of what aloe vera can do such as optimizing gut health, among many others. He also shares what to look for when choosing your own aloe vera products.


Relevant Links

Dr. Michael Haley, Haley Nutrition – Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Michael Haley (01:49)
  • Nagina Abdullah’s Five-day Slim Down starts May 10th! (02:35)
  • Michael Haley, his background, and his research into aloe vera (03:45)
  • Why Dr. Michael Haley chose to focus on aloe vera (06:20)
    • The testimonials that swear by aloe vera (08:15)
  • What’s with aloe vera that makes it effective? (10:12)
    • The bad science behind aloe vera (10:42)
    • The inner aloe vera gel (12:52)
    • What’s so special about mannose? (13:55)
    • Aloe vera and gut health (16:22)
  • Digging into how the gut can keep itself healthy (18:02)
    • The number one reason the gut microbiome gets out of balance (20:37)
    • Antibiotics in animal diets (22:07)
    • Vegetables grown with herbicides and pesticides (23:02)
    • An example of a heavily fermented product (24:10)
    • Preservatives are essentially antibiotics (24:35)
  • Michael Haley’s recommendations to optimize gut health for weight loss (27:07)
    • Speed healing with aloe vera (28:55)
  • What’s in a microbiome (30:56)
    • Does aloe vera help regulate the microbiomes? (31:32)
  • Going further into the root causes behind poor health (32:50)
    • The thing about wheat and gluten (33:32)
  • The elimination diet: what it does and how to do it (35:24)
  • Not all aloe vera are created equal: what to look for when you buy aloe vera (37:30)
  • Is there a recommended amount of aloe vera intake? (42:28)
  • Where to find Dr. Michael Haley and his aloe vera products (45:06)


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