Can Eating From the Golden Goddess Plate Make You Lose Weight?

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Melissa Akopiantz on Bio-Individuality: Each Body’s Needs are Unique, Tailor Your Diet to Maximize Weight Loss

We Need to Realize that Our Bodies Want to Heal


Melissa Akopiantz Notable Quotes

“When I tell clients that your body is actually working with you to heal, that’s a really powerful moment for them because oftentimes, we’re battling our body. We’re mad at it for having cravings, we’re mad at it because it won’t do this or that…if we understand that our bodies are sending us these amazing, powerful kind of like text messages from within our bodies, listening to that and honoring that is a really critical role in people healing.”
Melissa Akopiantz


Episode Summary

If you’ve been listening to our show, you’ve probably heard all the different kinds of diets and ways of eating that work well for different people. Some people can sit through an entire bucket of strawberries and not get an insulin spike, while others can get that insulin spike just off eating one strawberry. That’s on bio-individuality, which our guest, Melissa Akopiantz, will talk to us with.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we have health coach Melissa Akopiantz on the show to talk about the Golden Goddess Plate and about how each body’s needs are different, which is why we need to find out what works best for us to optimize our health.


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Melissa Akopiantz – Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Email


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • This Podcast Burns Fat! placed in the top 20 weight loss podcasts to listen to in 2020! (02:28)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Melissa Akopiantz (03:25)
  • Melissa Akopiantz and her health and wellness journey (05:00)
    • The concept of the Golden Goddess Plate (07:00)
  • Tapping into motivations to create action towards weight loss (07:50)
  • The concept of bio-individuality (11:04)
  • What to look out for when you’re journaling out what you eat (12:31)
  • The natural communication from our bodies (15:30)
  • It’s not about fighting your body, it’s answering the call in a healthful way (16:20)
    • Insulin sensitivity, cravings, and inflammation (16:45)
  • Fructose-intolerance and how people are affected by it (21:34)
  • The liver is the largest fat-burning organ in the body (23:13)
  • What exactly is the Golden Goddess Plate? (24:45)
    • The problem with all kinds of diets (25:19)
    • The fear and demonization of fat (27:44)
    • What makes us fat is industrialized fat (28:18)
  • Melissa’s recommended fiber-rich foods (30:17)
  • The importance of gut health in weight management and weight loss (31:50)
    • Excellent additions to your diet that reduces inflammation (34:09)
  • Histamines, intolerance, and weight management (34:30)
    • Finding the triggers and removing them is key (36:52)
  • Histamine-rich food that can cause reactions in our bodies (37:21)
  • Can somebody who doesn’t have disease be sensitive to histamines and gain weight? (40:24)
  • The testing component to screening the histamine disease (40:40)
  • How to get in touch with Melissa Akopiantz (43:52)


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