Can Health Coaching Be Covered By Insurance?

Health Insurance covers Health Coaching?


Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum Notable Quotes

“A coach is your health advocate. A coach will  be your cheerleader, will help you change when change is hard.”
Dr. Sandi Scheinbaum


Episode Summary

As health coaches, we’ve got a lot waiting for us on the horizon—and it’s not just the demand for our services. For instance, imagine having your coaching services covered by insurance. Sure, it may put a cap on what you can charge, but just think about the multitude of people who suddenly have access to you and your services! No doubt about it, it opens a ton of new doors not just for you, but also for your potential clients.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Dr. Sandi Scheinbaum, CEO and co-founder of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, to talk about all the great opportunities for health coaches.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Sandi Scheinbaum (00:58)
  • Sandi Scheinbaum and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (03:08)
  • Articulating what a health coach is and what they do (06:15)
    • What a coach is to their clients (07:35)
  • Health coaches finally coming out of the shadows (08:24)
    • The shift in the medical and coaching landscape: going in groups (08:40)
  • Insurance coverage in group medical visits (11:38)
  • Gamechangers: Category 3 CPT Codes and which coaches can use them (14:05)
  • How to tell if your school is nationally approved and recognized (16:50)
  • The board exam is not a deal breaker (19:15)
  • Charging out of pocket vs. charging under health insurance (20:58)
  • Amazon and Fitbit are looking to hire health coaches (24:04)
  • More opportunities on the horizon for health coaches (25:44)
  • The most important skillset that newly graduated health coaches need to develop (29:45)
  • Business skills health coaches need to focus on (33:12)
  • The health coach market is not At all. (35:15)
  • Health coaches are needed now, more than ever (35:50)
  • Where to keep up with what Dr. Sandi is doing (38:34)


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