Covid Chronicles Part 2 with Dr. Robert Zembroski!

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Keeping Your Health Intact in The Face of a Pandemic

Dr. Robert Zembroski Tells Us What We Can Do to Manage Stress


Dr. Robert Zembroski Notable Quotes

“The only control we have is the action we take ourselves.”
Dr. Robert Zembroski

“A diagnosis is not your destiny.”
                                                – Dr. Robert Zembroski


Episode Summary

             Covid isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and because of that, we’re doing a three-part series of Covid know-how and how to maintain your health with Dr. Robert Zembroski. This episode of This Podcast Burns Fat is the second installment of the three-part series.


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Dr. Robert Zembroski – Website | InstagramYouTube | Twitter

Rebuild: Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before by Robert Zembroski
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Robert Zembroski (00:30)
  • How the Covid pandemic wrecked our health and altered our body composition (02:36)
    • The uncertainty that brings fear and anxiety (03:13)
    • The stressors that contribute to depleting our health (04:51)
    • Cortisol: immunosuppression, feel good food, and belly fat (07:00)
  • Underlying conditions that make Covid worse includes weight gain (10:18)
  • Suppressing what helps fight infections (12:18)
    • Cortisol decreases brain sensitivity to leptin (15:07)
  • Food with chemicals are endocrine disruptors (18:33)
  • What is a leaky gut? (19:37)
    • Leaky gut, weight gain, and obesity (22:22)
  • Tips to minimize stress and keep it in check (23:05)
    • Focus on things you can control (24:20)
    • Learn to embrace the uncertainty (24:40)
    • Change your perception of your stressors (unless it’s a physical stressor) (25:45)
    • Be proactive about your health (27:50)
  • The importance of exercise in maintaining health (30:35)
  • Maintaining health during the pandemic (33:33)
  • Simple nutrient deficiencies are just as damaging to our chromosomes as radiation (36:55)
  • Researches say having enough muscle mass contributes to both health and longevity (39:05)
    • Vitamin D deficiencies (40:30)
  • The importance of getting enough sleep (46:50)
  • Where to get in touch with Dr. Robert Zembroski (55:00)


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