Cracking the Binge Code with Ali Kerr!

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Breaking Through Binge-Eating and Bulimia: How Ali Kerr Did It

Optimize Health with Making Peace with Food


Ali Kerr Notable Quotes

“It’s one of the first things we work on…when you want to address binge urges, you really have to address the physical aspects of bingeing first and foremost before you move on to the emotional aspects.”
Ali Kerr

“I think with anyone, it’s first of all, recognizing that there is an issue, and making a commitment for change.”
Ali Kerr


Episode Summary

When we want to lose weight and we’re looking for some of the root causes of weight gain, it’s not uncommon to see binge-eating on the list. It’s understandable that it’s one thing that’s difficult to let go of because a lot of times, it’s tied to other aspects such as our emotions, our mentality, and our physiology.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to best-selling author and health coach, Ali Kerr, who has overcome her eating disorders and has since been helping others to do the same. Ali has written the Amazon best-selling book, The Binge Code, as well as the highest-rated bulimia recovery book, The Bulimia Help Method.


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The Bulimia Help Method A Revolutionary Approach That Works by Alison C Kerr


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Ali Kerr (00:43)
  • Ali Kerr, her story, and her relationship with food (03:00)
  • Dealing with bulimia, binge-eating, and anorexia (07:16)
    • The long waitlist and doing their own research (08:48)
    • Rebalancing the body through nutrition (10:06)
  • The difference between binge-eating, bulimia, and anorexia (10:43)
  • The hallmark of binge-eating (13:25)
  • The main thing is how you overcome the eating problem (14:15)
  • How the eating problems start (15:46)
    • The pressure of new diets in today’s society (17:14)
  • Is there a physiological issue that comes with binge-eating? (18:36)
  • Ali Kerr’s five steps to quit binge-eating (21:23)
  • Make peace with food, not fighting it (23:18)
  • Cheat days and getting over the all-or-nothing binge (24:13)
    • The space between the urge and the action (27:20)
  • Addressing the day after guilt (29:06)
    • Have compassion, it’s okay (29:48)
  • Tips to stop food cravings (31:04)
  • Being mindful can really help us become more aware of what our bodies need (32:24)
  • Does Ali Kerr ever get little whispers of urges to binge eat? (33:32)
  • Separating from the “foodie” mentality (34:52)
    • Recognize the issue and commit to change (37:28)
  • Where to get in touch with Ali Kerr (38:24)


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