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Michael Krug Notable Quotes

“The business is like an organism, the business is a living, breathing thing. And if you don’t have the systems and the know-how of what it means to keep surviving, it’ll die out if we don’t have those things clearly marked out of what we need to be doing and when.”
Michael Krug

“I think it comes down to—from where I’m witnessing it—a shifting perspective on masculinity. It used to be like, ‘Oh, I’m masculine, I’m tough, I’m strong, I don’t need help. I don’t need XYZ.’ I think just in the last decade, we’ve really shifted our perspective on what masculinity means to be more open to having different types of conversations, to finding strength and support.”
Michael Krug


Episode Summary

In a women-dominated field like health coaching—both from the client side and the service provider side—how do we get more men thinking and talking about health? With the continuously shifting perspective on masculinity, we might just find it a little bit easier to start these conversations.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach and long-time listener Michael Krug to share his outlook as a man in the health coaching field, as well as share some of his insights on the business end of the practice.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michael Krug (00:55)
  • Michael Krug and his health coaching journey (03:26)
  • Michael and his health coaching certification (07:05)
  • The business side of health coaching (09:07)
  • What Michael learned from other health coaches (11:32)
  • The uncomfortable and terrifying parts of entrepreneurship (15:50)
  • The advantages of just being Michael Krug (18:44)
    • What niching down is (19:41)
    • Always be ready to collaborate (21:24)
  • Being a man in the health coaching profession (24:05)
    • A shifting perspective on masculinity (26:17)
    • The branding and messaging (29:21)
    • Men might be more comfortable in group settings than one-on-ones (30:09)
  • What Michael Krug learned from Health Coach Academy (33:33)
  • Keeping up with what Michael Krug is doing (40:19)


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