Creating Killer Content With Lori Kennedy!

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Content Creator Lori Kennedy Guides Us into Building Out Our Online Businesses

Leverage Content Creation as Health Professionals


Lori Kennedy Notable Quotes

“By me refusing to work on myself, I’m holding everyone back. And that’s pretty selfish.”
Lori Kennedy

“Be the client you want to have.”
Lori Kennedy

“The health coaches that will be successful understand that it’s a business and understand that at the core of that business is community and service and really focuses on building a community and doing it to be of service.”
Lori Kennedy

“If we did something, and it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t deem it as a failure. For me, everything is progress, and everything is a test.”
Lori Kennedy


Episode Summary

             As health coaches, we can’t deny that our online presence is something that we should seriously consider when we’re building out our brand. And for that, we can’t deny the importance of putting out content to keep our online presence alive.

That said, it’s understandable that we can’t always spend our time on content creation, especially if that isn’t something you’re too keen on doing. Luckily, we have people like Lori Kennedy. Lori Kennedy is a content creation queen who went from trading dollars for hours to helping out thousands of entrepreneurs and health coaches build out their businesses.


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Lori Kennedy – Instagram | Website | Facebook


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lori Kennedy (01:23)
  • Lori Kennedy, her business model, and how she made it successful (03:02)
    • Everyone wants to be a part of a community (04:22)
  • How Lori Kennedy transitioned into content creation (05:38)
  • How Lori figured out her own platform (07:15)
  • The group setting just came naturally thanks to being a camp counsellor (09:23)
    • Group setting: you learn by doing and paying attention (11:24)
  • Lori Kennedy’s gifts that complemented her work and business (12:58)
  • Having the “don’t sweat the small stuff” mindset (15:35)
    • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome (16:00)
  • Self-investment to get the mindset down (19:40)
    • Working on the self so as not to hold anyone back (21:42)
  • Hearing inspirational people not just talk the talk but walk the walk as well (23:08)
  • Accomplishing goals as a single mother with two children (24:05)
  • How to separate the business from the personal life (29:02)
  • What Lori Kennedy has sacrificed to get where she is today (33:37)
  • Choosing where to spend your time on (38:08)
  • Where Lori feels the future of health coaches and health coaching is going (41:32)
  • Where to find Lori and keep up with what she’s doing (43:48)


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