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Business Strategist Kendra Perry Shares Her Success

How Can Group Programs Help Grow Your Business?



Kenndra Perry Notable Quotes

“In the end, I think a lot of us just want to do something we feel good about and that leaves a positive impact and contribution on this planet. If we can do that and make money while doing it, I think that pretty much got it made.”
Kendra Perry


Episode Summary

             Starting up a health coaching business takes a lot of work especially in the first year or so because we’re busy figuring out what works for us. So here’s a business idea that’s bound to grow your business: group coaching programs.

In this episode Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach and business strategist, Kendra Perry, to talk about how you can grow your business by leveraging group coaching programs.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kendra Perry (01:18)
  • Kendra Perry, her health coaching journey, and what she does now (02:43)
  • Kendra Perry and her passion for business (05:05)
  • The first building block to getting a business going (06:18)
  • Why Kendra thinks it’s difficult to narrow down to a niche (07:40)
  • Pushing past failures and moving forward (09:08)
  • Take the time to be upset and then move on (11:42)
  • Why group coaching programs are a good way to scale up the business (12:33)
  • Group coaching programs: creating an experience for people (15:03)
  • What is expected of health coaches to successfully launch group programs (16:28)
  • Programs are different from courses (20:05)
  • Group size recommendations (21:50)
  • Mirroring one-on-one programs? (23:22)
  • Multiple groups programs running at the same time (25:35)
  • Kendra’s course on becoming an HTMA expert (26:20)
    • Expanding on the HTMA course (29:55)
  • Why health coaching is a great career (31:40)
  • Saturation is a myth (33:00)
  • Naming three famous health coaches (34:20)
  • Where to find Kendra Perry (35:35)


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