Do You Diet Like a Guru?


Rosie Khun Notable Quotes

“I have total confidence that we can heal ourselves, and there’s so much evidence to that. Part of that is being serious and committed to what our highest good and highest truth are.”  – Rosie Kuhn

So many of us are so patterned to keep living in the fear of deprivation…and we can shift that hard-wired-ness for fear in order to consider that we can heal ourselves.” Rosie Kuhn

“Train yourself to let go of what you’re afraid to lose.” – Rosie Kuhn

Episode Summary

The mind is at the center of how we approach food. It’s the one that decides whether or not we’re going to reach for another cookie from the jar—but it’s the same one that decides enough is enough, and it’s the same thing that holds our conviction to change.

Join us in this episode as we talk to Dr. Rosie Kuhn and how we can reshape the way we look at food and our mindset toward going on a diet.

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Diet Like a Guru: It’s What You Put in Your Heart, Not in Your Tummy by Dr. Rosie Kuhn
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Dr. Rosie Kuhn’s other publications

In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Rosie Kuhn (00:32)
  • Rosie Kuhn, food, and Diet Like a Guru (02:44)
    • Recreating situations that raise hormones in the levels we’re used to (05:05)
  • How Dr. Rosie relates sugar in the diet (07:13)
    • Controlling and beating cancer (09:58)
    • Focusing not to lose weight but to let go of the sugars and the fears (11:42)
  • The mindset of “depriving” the self when embarking on a diet (12:42)
    • Turning around the perspective (13:33)
  • The issue behind why it’s difficult to turn the perspective around (16:22)
    • The denial and not wanting to change (17:52)
  • Turning inward rather than immediately turning to food (19:58)
  • Our fiercest ally when it comes to food (23:10)
    • The part of you who empowers you (26:22)
  • What’s wrong with pushing off a new lifestyle (26:55)
    • Changing the future by doing something today (28:02)
    • Having the deep conviction to really affect change (28:48)
    • The why keeps us in our heads (29:41)
  • What it means to give up totally to diet like a guru (31:33)
    • Not depriving, but wanting to live a fulfilling life (32:20)
  • Separating food from the ideation of being happy (34:22)
  • The cause of addictions is restless, irritable discontent: something isn’t the way I want it to be (36:33)
    • Asking, “what are you committed to?” (37:58)
  • How and where to get in touch with Dr. Rosie Kuhn (41:52)

Resources Mentioned

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The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living by Omar Cumberbatch

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