The Top 3 Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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The Main Reasons Why Omega-3 is Great for Heart Health

What are the Best Sources of Omega-3?


Dr. William Harris Notable Quote

“It’s hard to do the kind of randomized placebo-controlled studies that you do for drugs that the medical profession has done with drugs for years to find out the effects of drugs on whatever health outcome you’re looking at. Nutrition is a lifelong story, and it’s not just to take people, and they’re 65, and they’ve already got high risk factors for heart disease and put them on fish oil for a couple of years and start to turn that ship around.”
Dr. William Harris


Episode Summary

For those of us who want to lose weight, we’ll need to work on targeting many aspects of our lifestyle: from what we eat to how much movement we do, to actively lowering our inflammation. Lucky for us, we have Omega-3 fatty acids to help with getting any inflammation under control.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to CEO and Founder of OmegaQuant, Dr. William Harris to shed some light on Omega-3 fatty acids: what they are, why they’re beneficial to our health, and how we can increase our Omega-3 fatty acids intake to reap those benefits.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. William Harris (00:18)
  • The best sources of omega-3 (01:32)
  • William Harris’ interest in studying omega fatty acids (03:45)
  • The benefits of having a balanced omega-3 and omega-6 (06:28)
    • The problem in America is the lack of omega-3 (07:13)
    • Lowers triglycerides in the blood (07:33)
    • Made the blood less likely to clot (08:12)
    • Lowers blood pressure (08:56)
    • Anti-inflammatory activity (09:00)
  • High omega-3 levels reduce the risk of developing diabetes (10:03)
    • What does omega-3 do to blood sugar levels? (10:18)
  • Why is the American diet so deficient in omega-3? (11:17)
    • Why don’t Americans eat fish? (12:19)
  • How omega-6 and seed oils can affect our health (14:12)
  • The difficulty of conducting a study on nutrition vs. drugs (17:29)
  • How much and how often should we supplement with omega-3? (18:35)
    • The omega-3 index (19:02)
    • The importance of checking the label (21:03)
    • What to check for when looking for an omega-3 supplement (22:16)
  • Fish, mercury, and supplementation (23:47)
  • The omega-3 index is better than a cholesterol and triglyceride test (26:46)
  • Can we eat fish or supplement with omega-3 to combat high cholesterol levels? (28:45)
  • Smoking, omega-3 fatty acid, and the risk of dying (30:00)
  • The most efficient way for us to maximize our omega-3 (33:40)
  • Where do shellfish stand in omega-3 content? (35:17)
  • How much omega-3 can slip into the cell membrane? (36:40)
  • How good is algae oil as an omega-3 source alternative for vegans? (38:20)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. William Harris’ work (41:20)


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