Don’t Lose the Weight, Release It with Kristin Grayce McGary!

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The Keto Diet is the Way to Repair Gut Health

Optimal Gut Health is the Key to Weight Loss


Kristin Grayce McGary Notable Quotes

“I don’t think we want to ‘lose’ weight. We want to ‘release’ the weight. We’re not losing something like we lose our keys because we want to re-find it. We don’t necessarily want to find the weight again.”
Kristin Grayce McGary

“Our body wants to heal and thrive—we just need to remove the blocks and give it what it needs to do so. So, I think the body can heal very quickly when we’re taking the right approach and when we’re taking a look at all levels of mind, body, and spirit.”
Kristin Grayce McGary


Episode Summary

In this show, we talk about what ways we can do to lose weight. Well, one particular holistic health practitioner would rather not lose weight. Why? Because we don’t want to lose weight the way we lose our keys—we’d want to find it again. No, she’d rather release the weight so that it never finds its way back.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author and holistic health practitioner, Kristin Grayce McGary understand why some people have trouble releasing weight, how the gut microbiome can help with weight loss, and how the ketogenic diet can repair gut health.


Relevant Links

Kristin Grayce McGary – Website | Instagram | Facebook

Holistic Keto for Gut Health: A Program for Resetting your Metabolism by Kristin Grayce McGary
Get it on Barnes and Noble | Inner Traditions | Amazon

Know Your Blood, Know Your Health: Prevent Disease and Enjoy Vibrant Health through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis by Kristin Grayce McGary
Get it on Barnes and Noble | Inner Traditions | Amazon | Indie Bound


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Happy New Year! Here’s to a good 2020 (00:45)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Kristin Grayce McGary (03:16)
  • Kristin Grayce McGary, her health journey, and her new book (04:36)
  • Why Kristin Grayce McGary thinks people aren’t losing weight (08:30)
    • Insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome (09:28)
    • Unstable blood sugar and imbalanced hormones (10:05)
    • Subclinical thyroid issues (10:44)
  • Kristin Grayce McGary’s over 28 reasons why people have trouble releasing weight (12:00)
  • Why Kristin Grayce McGary thinks the ketogenic diet works best (15:09)
  • The effectivity of ketogenic diets despite the allowance of certain inflammatory foods (19:22)
  • Kristin Grayce McGary: traditional keto creates inflammation (21:39)
    • What’s with eggs that causes problems? (23:18)
  • What is inflammation and how does someone know they have inflammation? (26:30)
    • Inflammation isn’t just physical (29:50)
  • Why is sugar bad and how can we get off it? (30:50)
    • Sugar feeds cancer (32:28)
    • The power we have over our own health (33:07)
    • Missing the sweetness of life that sugar fills (35:20)
  • The role of gut health in our overall health (36:36)
  • What are glyphosates and why are they bad? (40:30)
  • Unhealthy gut health can lead to weight gain (42:38)
  • How long does Kristin Grayce McGary’s ketogenic diet take to heal the gut? (43:53)
  • Kristin Grayce McGary’s book and where to reach her (49:28)


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