Dr. Michael Roizen Shares How You Can Lose Weight By Just Not Eating Late

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Dr. Michael Roizen Tells Us About When to Eat

When to Eat What: Food to Eat, Food to Avoid, and When to Eat Them


Dr. Michael Roizen Notable Quotes

“Don’t think about the foods you can’t eat, and instead look at the foods that you can eat.”
Dr. Michael Roizen


Episode Summary

There are tons and tons of diets out there that tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. And when you’re trying to lose weight, that information is helpful, no doubt about it. But that information is only the half of it—no one tells you when you should eat.

Lucky for us, we’ve got celebrity doctor and best-selling author Dr. Michael Roizen on this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat to talk about that part that a lot of diets leave out: when to eat.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Michael Roizen (03:05)
  • Michael Roizen (06:50)
  • What motivated Dr. Michael Roizen to write What to Eat When (08:24)
    • Getting in and out of ketosis everyday (12:08)
  • Coming across the benefits of eating at night (14:40)
  • What people should be eating (16:28)
    • Five food felons (18:41)
  • Fish, meat, and trimethylamine oxide (20:50)
  • Why it’s bad to eat late (23:22)
  • Why genes change with intermittent fasting (25:14)
    • A cut off time for eating (25:28)
  • The first three things Dr. Michael Roizen suggests to do for weight loss (27:02)
  • “A calorie is just a calorie.” (28:52)
  • Compliance and flexibility to eating right (32:40)
  • Drinking alcohol: start before 7pm (34:25)
  • How can we slow aging? (34:45)
  • Stereotyping food and how it’s detrimental (38:36)
  • Where to find and keep up to date with Dr. Michael Roizen(41:02)


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