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“…so when people want to make that change, such as drinking less, the brain is already familiar through the power of hypnosis.”
Georgia Foster

Episode Summary

             Alcohol can put on weight, and that’s a fact. With the holidays coming up, there’s sure to be alcoholic drinks around—and it wouldn’t hurt to have a glass. But if you’re someone who has been drinking more than you should, then this episode is for you.

We talk to clinical hypnotherapist Georgia Foster to walk us through how drinking less would help us lose weight and the first steps we should take to start drinking less.

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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Georgia Foster (01:12)
  • Georgia Foster, hypnotherapy, and drinking less (03:13)
    • 7 days to drink less (06:35)
  • What Georgia defines as an alcoholic (07:13)
    • The brain works on emotional habit (09:28)
    • Drinking is a social habit (11:32)
  • Why we gain weight when we drink alcohol (12:53)
    • The more alcohol you drink, the poorer your liver functions (14:25)
  • Hypnosis, what it is and what it does (16:55)
    • The misconception of having to be in a deep, zombie state (21:50)
    • Hypnosis trains the deeper part of the mind (23:35)
  • What Georgia Foster aims to do with hypnosis (24:07)
  • What is holding us back from reducing our drinking (27:55)
  • Associations between what you want to change and preceding habit (29:25)
  • Helping the liver along the alcohol cleansing (31:33)
    • The less processed food, the better for the liver (32:30)
  • The liver is one of the fastest regenerating organs in the body (34:18)
  • What Georgia would say to someone to let go of their alcohol crutch during these daunting times (36:08)
  • The first step to do if you want to drink less (38:09)
  • How to get in touch with Georgia and how to keep up-to-date with what she’s doing (39:57)


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