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The Middle Ground Between Practicing Health Coaching and Managing the Business

Something Unique to Offer: Experience, Perspective, and Insights

Notable Quotes

“And I really realized that the root cause of why a lot of us turn to food is that food is about safety…it’s the way we know that we survive, right? It’s really uncomfortable to be hungry, and you cry and then your caregiver gives you food, and you really only need touch and food for the first several years, and then you also learn that you belong.”

                                                – Ali Shapiro

“The best marketing I have found is relationship marketing. It’s your clients telling people all about you. It’s developing relationships with clients [who] tell their doctors about the results they were getting, and so then the doctors were referring people to me and I think that word of mouth business is still the best business.”

                                                – Ali Shapiro


Episode Summary

As health coaches just starting out, we might struggle with finding out what makes us stand out and what makes us different from other health coaches in the health coaching space. Little did we know that the simple fact of having a unique set of experiences is what sets us apart from other practitioners in our field.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach, and founder of Truce with Food Ali Shapiro to shed some light on how we can use our own stories to shape our business strategies to build a resilient and sustainable health coaching practice.


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Ali Shapiro – Website | Instagram

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Ali Shapiro (01:00)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Creation Course! (01:55)
  • Ali Shapiro’s origin story and health journey (02:41)
    • What if falling off the wagon was a symptom as well? (06:21)
  • Balancing learning and acquiring more certifications with practicing health coaching (08:27)
  • Finding the middle ground between business and the health coaching craft (11:39)
  • Learnings from grad school: organizational dynamics (15:47)
  • No one business plan works for everyone (16:50)
  • Our experiences grant us unique insights and perspectives (17:51)
  • How people view the idea of availing a coaching service (23:25)
  • What Ali Shapiro’s business model looks like (26:37)
    • The focus on group programs (29:30)
  • You don’t need social media until you want to scale (32:10)
    • What business do you want to be in? (33:01)
  • Where to find Ali Shapiro and keep up with her work (34:13)


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