Essential Tips for a Successful Online Coaching Practice with David and Dana Hagstrom!

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David and Dana Hagstrom Talk About How to Thrive on Social Media

How a Health Coach Can Leverage Online Presence for a Successful Practice


David and Dana Hagstrom Notable Quotes

“The more you can focus on one platform, the more you can be an expert in that one platform. So anyone starting in this, we encourage them to pick a platform and get good at it rather than try to do all of them all at once.”
David Hagstrom

“I love to work with people to help them juggle all the craziness of their world. It’s not just business stuff, it’s life. But when you integrate them, and your life and your business become one, that’s where the magic happens.”
Dana Hagstrom

“You see what you need to do. Don’t put it off, jump in and do it.”
David Hagstrom


Episode Summary

Boosting your online presence has never been more important as it has become right now. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have been converting their in-person operations to online operations. And as a health coach, you probably are, too.

Luckily, in this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to online marketers David and Dana Hagstrom to share a bit about how we can cultivate a thriving online presence for us and our business and how we can start turning mildly interested individuals into potential clients and, if we’re lucky and we do everything right, into raging fans.


Relevant Links

David and Dana Hagstrom – Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • What the health coaching space could look like post-Covid (00:52)
  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, David and Dana Hagstrom (02:30)
  • David and Dana, their marketing journey, and their passion to help entrepreneurs thrive (04:20)
  • David and Dana’s transferable skills that helped boost them in their endeavors (09:45)
  • The fundamentals health coaches need to help grow their business (11:45)
  • Having the ideal client avatar (14:55)
    • Changes in the client avatar in the last week (15:52)
  • Design and build your pipeline for profit (17:20)
  • Automated processes and where they fit into the marketing strategy (20:11)
  • Keeping tabs on the changes in social media platforms and how to deal with them (22:43)
  • How important is goal-setting and what kind of goals should we set? (23:56)
  • The first things to focus on when setting goals (26:00)
  • A thriving business…as a couple (27:11)
  • The lion’s share of duties as far as coaching is concerned (30:06)
  • David and Dana’s easy, step-by-step solution template (32:18)
  • David and Dana’s final takeaways for health coaches (33:00)
  • Have a heart of gratitude (35:38)


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