Failures are Learning Experiences

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Notable Quotes

“Those failures, I look at them now and say, ‘What a wonderful experience I got out of them,’ because they really helped me to solidify what to not do again.”
Mike Ashie

“There wasn’t a push to say go to school, get a good job, but there also wasn’t a push to use my creative outlet. I was just free to come up with ideas on my own, which is why I was able to have so many failures because I thought, this idea is the next big the one that’s going to the moon, but I have a family that keeps me balanced enough that a failure is not the end of the world—like, don’t do anything foolish because you didn’t succeed in this and learn from it.”
Mike Ashie

“It’s standard business practice that if you’re starting a business, do not try to talk to everybody because you’re talking to nobody. Share your values, share your opinions, share your thoughts, feelings.”

                                                – Mike Ashie


Episode Summary

When we’re thinking of starting a business, apart from the motivation to get it off the ground, let’s be honest—we’re also facing the pressure to get make the business a successful one as soon as we can. But what happens if that business doesn’t see the success that we were hoping from it? When do we throw in the towel and start again?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to leadership coach and entrepreneur, Mike Ashie to share that not all our entrepreneurial endeavors have to succeed, and that’s okay because failures aren’t the end of the world, they’re learning experiences on the ladder of success.


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Mike Ashie – Website | YouTube | Instagram | Email


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Mike Ashie (01:18)
  • Mike Ashie and his entrepreneurial journey (04:10)
  • Did Mike always want to be an entrepreneur? (06:18)
  • Landing on the business that works through passion (08:55)
  • Cutting the cord on “failed” businesses (12:38)
  • The success of Mike Ashie’s current business (14:48)
  • Smaller investments in content marketing (17:32)
  • How Mike came to YouTube for his main content (18:54)
  • Your audience will gravitate toward you and who you are (24:22)
  • Other marketing outlets apart from YouTube (27:01)
  • Choose your platform and double down on it (32:20)
  • Ready to serve people on the same journey (34:14)
  • Focus on the fundamentals (36:32)
  • Let people know who you are first (38:32)
  • Where to find Mike Ashie and keep up with what he’s doing (42:35)


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