Fascia and Its True Role

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Adapt the Business by Reinventing and Reimagining

From Health Coaching to Human Being Coaching


Anna Rahe Notable Quotes

“I think that’s one of the arts of being an entrepreneur and being a coach is that you look for the yeses, and I don’t mean scatter your seed so broadly that you can’t be specific, but try something and fully commit to it. And then if it’s not working, don’t be afraid to redesign, reimagine.”
Anna Rahe

Every struggle is an opportunity for you to become more compassionate towards your client’s struggle. Let the loads that you carry in your business refine your approach to how you can be of service.
Anna Rahe


Episode Summary

Fascia was initially dismissed simply as connective tissue with no other purpose, period. But with science advancing as fast as it does, we’re beginning to learn more and more about fascia and its role in nearly system in our bodies to keep them functioning normally and healthily.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Founder and CEO of GST Body, Anna Rahe, to shed some light on what fascia is and what it does. Anna also shares the interesting way was able to build a business around her profound understanding of fascia.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Anna Rahe (01:25)
  • Get 50% off Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Course! (02:42)
  • Anna Rahe: who she is and what she does (04:37)
  • What fascia is and how it changes outrperspective on treating the body (11:02)
  • The first hurdles that Anna Rahe had to overcome in starting a business around fascia (13:01)
    • Is the entrepreneurial drive genetic? (15:14)
    • Highlight what you can provide for your clients (18:24)
  • Having an entrepreneurial background (20:05)
  • Anna Rahe’s theory about the source of people’s energy (22:06)
  • Fascia: the connective tissue that serves and the body’s smart grid (24:12)
  • From health coaching to human being coaching (25:50)
  • Anna Rahe and GST’s business model (26:57)
    • Reinventing the business from the ground up (30:27)
    • Serving the smallest audience with the biggest impact (33:35)
  • Where to find Anna Rahe and keep up with her work (37:21)


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