What Does Safety Around Food Mean? 

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Peel Back Why We Reach for Comfort Food When We Do

Discover Your Own Reasons for Change


Notable Quotes

“Really, being able to see food as medicine and as expanded view beyond calories and weight loss was so life changing for me that I really wanted to help other people with it.”
Ali Shapiro

“As you heal, your gut is hopefully more resilient, and we know that one of the biggest promoters of gut health is food variety, having a lot of variety.”
Ali Shapiro

“As adults, what we need to do to really secure an adult level of safety is start to belong to ourselves first and identify what are our needs and wants as an adult.”
Ali Shapiro


Episode Summary

Many of us do our best to live healthier and eat better, but there will be some days when things happen that leave us physically and/or emotionally drained. When those days come to pass, we can easily fall into the trap of reaching for comfort food—be it that bag of chips, that bar of chocolate, or that tub of ice cream—because those foods make us feel safe. But we need to break away from that cycle of emotional eating.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach, and founder of Truce with Food Ali Shapiro to shed light on what safety around food means and how it affects how we eat, when we eat, and what we eat.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Ali Shapiro (02:33)
  • Ali Shapiro: who she is, what she does, and her health journey (04:04)
  • Ali Shapiro’s diet before she found functional medicine (09:00)
    • Blood cancers work better with more meat in the diet (09:30)
  • The turning point in Ali’s life to embark on a healthier lifestyle (10:47)
  • How Ali changed the way she ate (13:10)
  • Safety around food: what it means for us and what and how we eat (15:18)
    • What people struggle around most is emotional safety (17:03)
    • What we need to secure an adult level of safety (18:46)
  • Making decisions: how to want to want to be healthy (20:46)
    • Address the needs contained in the reasons why we turn to comfort food (21:30)
    • Associating food with accomplishments (23:03)
  • What it takes to take a step back and assess our relationship with food (27:17)
    • Making habits out of eating (28:58)
    • Starting and stopping habits are different processes (30:31)
  • The first steps to make changes (32:10)
  • Discovering your own reasons for change (38:00)
    • The importance of becoming your own best friend (39:29)
  • Where to find and keep up with Ali Shapiro’s work (42:30)


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