The Challenges of Ageing

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The Best Diet is The One That Sticks

Pull Away From the All-Or-Nothing Mindset


Notable Quotes

“It’s clear—we have physical changes that are happening, and they become more pronounced right around forty, and they get even more intense in our fifties and sixties if we don’t implement the right kinds of habit and lifestyles.”

                                                – Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

“Nutrition is a self-journey, but the only way you can start is by getting the habit momentum.”
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi


Episode Summary

It’s no secret that with age comes some health issues—changing hormones, a bit of metabolic decline, some muscle mass loss, to name a few. The thing is, these issues, if left unaddressed, are just going to pile up as we grow older. Our health will definitely take a hit, and living out our older years in constant pains does not sound fun at all.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to world-renowned health expert and the founder and CEO of Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi. Dr. Anthony Balduzzi sheds some light on the challenges the human body faces as its ages, as well as the first steps we can take to combat those challenges.


Relevant Links

              Fit Father ProjectWebsite | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

              Fit Mother ProjectWebsite | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi (01:49)
  • Anthony Balduzzi and his journey into medicine and fitness (03:45)
    • The Fit Father Project & The Fit Mother Project (07:42)
  • Deteriorated health from overworking (08:32)
  • The common health challenges individuals over 40 face (09:48)
    • An epidemic of decreasing testosterone in men (10:32)
    • Changes in overall metabolism (11:25)
    • Loss of muscle mass (12:08)
  • It’s not how it has to be; we can have it all (14:40)
  • The first steps to take in regaining control of our health (16:03)
    • The mental aspect of adhering to a weight loss plan is the biggest key (16:20)
    • Motivation, clarity, and alignment (17:23)
    • Journaling reflection to form new neural associations (20:28)
  • The only nutrition that matters is one that can be consistent (23:00)
    • Building the perfect plate (29:30)
    • Find healthy go-to snacks (30:35)
  • Things that we should all avoid to optimize our health (31:43)
  • Put off the all-or-nothing mindset (35:40)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi’s work (36:39)


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