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Eat Stress-Free with Flexible Nutrition

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Kate Lyman Notable Quotes

“Our diets—using ‘diets’ as a broad term, as in the food we eat—is so much more than the food we eat. It’s emotional, and traditional, and cultural, and all these human aspects. And finding a sustainable way to approach our nutrition is so individualized for every single person based on their circumstances.”
Kate Lyman

“With my clients, we talk about the concept of flexible nutrition, and to me, flexible nutrition means utilizing this process of tracking macronutrients, so that the client’s intake matches their goal of fat loss or building strength or optimal health, whatever that may be. We also talk about flexibility of food choices.

                                                – Kate Lyman

“Food quality is always going to be important, but restricting ourselves from anything we enjoy is not going to lead to a sustainable approach.”

                                                – Kate Lyman


Episode Summary

A lot of the weight loss diet trends today are very restrictive—and many of us obsess over being able to follow those restrictive rules to a T. But guess what? That obsession over perfection and compliance is actually the reason why many of us drop out of those diet trends. Luckily, we don’t have to obsess over anything, and we don’t have to subject ourselves to a ton of restrictions when it comes to flexible nutrition.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to nutritionist, health coach, and businessowner Kate Lyman to walk us through what stress-free eating looks like with flexible nutrition.


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Kate’s Nutrition Resources


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • An update on Omar and Lori (00:33)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Kate Lyman (03:03)
  • Kate Lyman, her story, and her journey into the nutrition space (05:05)
  • Understanding and recognizing chronic undereating (09:43)
    • The consequences of feeling restricted (11:05)
    • Metabolic adaptation and what it looks like (13:30)
  • The importance of mapping out fat loss goals (14:20)
  • Calorie counting and sustainably eating the right kinds of food (15:45)
  • Kate Lyman’s thoughts on intermittent fasting (18:58)
  • Flexible nutrition and tracking food as a tool for weight loss (21:12)
  • How to navigate balancing taking back health and life in general (25:41)
  • How perfection fits into Kate Lyman’s health philosophy (28:05)
  • We can’t gain weight overnight (30:13)
  • The first few steps to weight loss that Kate will recommend (32:22)
  • Where to find and keep up with Kate Lyman (34:35)


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