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Michelle Vandepas on Why You Should Consider Becoming an Author

The Authority that Comes with Being A Published Author


Michelle Vandepas Notable Quotes

“If you self-publish and you don’t have the funds, you should still spend some money on some really good layout and design, a book cover, and good editing—those are the three places you really ought to put some cash to make sure that even if you self-publish, when your book’s out there, it represents you in such a way that it looks high-quality and you’re proud of it.”
Michelle Vandepas

“The number one way to market is to figure out where your audience hangs out and market there.”
Michelle Vandepas


Episode Summary

There’s a sort of magic and some bit of authority that comes with being able to say, “I wrote a book.” As health coaches, many of us have a lot to say and have meaningful messages to share with our audience, and one way we could do that is by publishing a book. But what exactly goes behind writing and then publishing your own book?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy­, we’re talking to author, publishing house co-owner, and book coach Michelle Vandepas to give us a little run-through on why we should consider writing our own books and the process that goes behind publishing our books.


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Grace Point Publishing


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michelle Vandepas (01:08)
  • Michelle Vandepas, books, and becoming a book writing coach (02:50)
  • If everyone has a book in them, should everyone try to write a book? (04:12)
  • The first thing Michelle looks for when dealing with clients (05:22)
  • People’s intentions to write a book (07:10)
  • The authority that comes with being an author (09:07)
  • Pros and cons between traditional publishing and self-publishing (12:03)
    • Kinds of publishing (12:40)
    • People who should self-publish (14:21)
    • Hybrid publishing (17:06)
  • Choosing your publishing house and getting your book out there (17:40)
  • The number one way to market (21:42)
  • Making money off the book (22:28)
  • Other benefits to becoming a published author (24:45)
  • The secret to sending out books for free (25:20)
  • Michelle Vandepas and TEDx (27:17)
  • The opportunities that Michelle’s TEDx talk gave her (33:08)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Michelle Vandepas (35:27)


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