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Best-Selling Author Alinka Rutkowska Opens Doors for Aspiring Authors

All the Different Ways You Can Publish Your Own Book


Alinka Rutkowska Notable Quotes

“I think it’s because of upbringing—in most parts of the world, we’re taught to respect books. Have you ever seen a parent toss a book in the garbage can? I don’t think so. There’s just this built-in respect for books and for authors.”
Alinka Rutkowska

“That’s what you need to think about when you put together your book: find an angle. Find something that makes you different.”
Alinka Rutkowska


Episode Summary

When you’ve published a book, no matter what your area of expertise is, it’s like you’re instantly anointed as an authority and expert in that field. When that happens, you can command respect—and your own prices for your services. So why not try to write your own book and get it out there?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy Podcast, we’re talking to best-selling author and CEO of  Leaders Press, Alinka Rutkowska, to talk about how we can start the process of writing our book and getting it out there.


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How to Get a Book Published: 20 Ways (#6 Will Shock You) by Alinka Rutkowska


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Alinka Rutkowska (01:26)
  • Something to look forward to (01:53)
  • Alinka Rutkowska, writing, and the business of writing (03:35)
  • Alinka Rutkowska and her journey towards authorship (04:46)
  • Which type of publishing works for you? (06:55)
    • Self-publishing (07:37)
    • Traditional publishing (09:09)
    • Hybrid publishing (10:50)
  • What being an author means in this day and age (12:26)
  • Alinka Rutkowska’s effective process on getting a book out (14:02)
  • Shaping thoughts of potential authors(17:30)
  • Content in the form of speaking (19:35)
  • Do you actually make money off the book? (20:43)
  • Is the health book space saturated? (22:45)
  • Releasing a book and releasing a good book (25:53)
  • The phenomenon of micro-books (29:43)
  • The different ways to consume information (31:12)
  • Should everybody write a book? (33:13)
  • How long it takes to put out a book (34:38)
  • What you can outsource when putting out a book (36:55)
  • What a typical investment looks like (39:08)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Alinka Rutkowska (40:46)


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