Getting Lean With Dr. Anna Cabeca’s Keto Green 16!

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Hormone Expert Dr. Anna Cabeca Tells Us: It’s the Hormones

Get Fit and Balance Your Hormones with Keto + Intermittent Fasting


Dr. Anna Cabeca Notable Quotes

“Our body has such great capacity to heal itself given the right information. And food is information, our thoughts are information, our activities are information, all of these paly a role to keep hormone balance.”
Dr. Anna Cabeca


Episode Summary

Sometimes, things happen to our bodies that seem to have no explanation behind it at all. Like one second, we’re feeling fit and fine, but the next second, we’ve gained a whopping 20lbs. of weight overnight when we’ve been literally doing the same thing we’ve been doing. Well maybe we need to pay attention to something we can’t see: hormones.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to triple-board certified physician and hormone expert Dr. Anna Cabeca to talk about how hormones actually play a huge role in our overall health and how we can leverage that knowledge to improve our health and lifestyle in the long run.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Anna Cabeca (01:00)
  • Anna Cabeca and her journey to becoming a hormone expert (03:24)
    • Anna’s mother’s role in her journey (05:18)
  • What are hormones and what roles do they play in our lives? (07:56)
  • Learning the nitty gritty about hormones (11:10)
  • The Keto Green approach (11:57)
    • The importance of checking the urine pH (14:24)
  • What Dr. Anna Cabeca’s diet and lifestyle when she was acidic and what she switched to to alkalinize herself (15:57)
    • More alkalinized after taking the nature walk (19:07)
  • pH paper for urine and saliva (19:35)
  • De-stressing and what it does (20:58)
    • Cortisol acidifies and oxytocin alkalinizes (21:10)
  • The point where Dr. Anna saw the shift (21:21)
  • What is ketosis? (22:27)
  • Where people might make mistakes in keto diets (23:37)
  • Anna Cabeca’s opinion on intermittent fasting (27:16)
  • The obsession with the number 16 (29:21)
  • Don’t drink alkaline water with your meals (30:26)
  • What about having coffee? (31:44)
  • No glucose spikes with natural sweeteners (33:37)
  • The first step to take to change the belly fat situation (38:35)
  • Where to find Dr. Anna Cabeca (40:09)
  • Why men lose weight easier than women (41:16)


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