Getting Over Our Emotional Obsession With Food with Adrienne Ngai!

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What We Can Do to Have a Better Relationship with Food

Adrienne Ngai and Getting Over Emotional Eating


Adrienne Ngai Notable Quotes

“A lot of us lose the signals for hunger and satiety that was built into us when we’re born. As we grow older, we lose those signals because we’re told to eat more than we should, like finishing our plates or finishing the super-sized meals at restaurants. We lose that connection with our body—these physiological aspects we need to keep in mind.”
Adrienne Ngai


Episode Summary

When we grow up living a certain lifestyle, it’s understandable that any shift we do that deviates from what we grew up with would be difficult. It’s difficult, but not at all impossible. And sometimes those shifts are necessary, especially if they’re shifts toward better health.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to registered dietitian Adrienne Ngai to shed some light on emotional eating and overcoming the obstacles to coming away from it, and learning to be at peace with not just food but also ourselves.


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Adrienne Ngai – Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Adrienne Ngai (00:35)
  • Adrienne Ngai, her story, and her journey to become a dietitian (02:45)
  • The cultural differences with food (10:08)
  • The first changes that Adrienne made towards a healthier relationship with food (12:05)
  • The balance in how we view food (14:06)
  • The mindset shift that we need to make to be at peace with food (15:40)
  • Some foods that we should absolutely avoid (18:45)
  • The cycle of dieting doom (19:53)
  • A typical diet that Adrienne Ngai would recommend (21:53)
  • Learnings from school that don’t necessarily work (24:04)
  • Adrienne’s advice on weight loss (25:18)
  • Approaching the trial-and-error aspect of meal planning (28:42)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Adrienne (30:44)


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