One of the most overlooked aspects that explains why we have such difficulty sticking to a diet is our emotional obsession with certain foods. Why is it that we find such comfort in certain foods when we are feeling a certain way emotionally about ourselves? Why is it that we have certain rituals around food that aren’t always in our best interests?

Adrienne Ngai joins the show to discuss this concept and how we can be more mindful of these pitfalls.   Adrienne is a registered dietitian and health coach with a Master of Science in Nutrition as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator certification. She is the founder of, where she uses her knowledge and experience to help hundreds of people (including MDs) with their weight loss, healthy eating, and body image goals. 

Adrienne has also struggled with being overweight since childhood and had been yo-yo dieting since her teenage years. She luckily has found the key to successfully weight loss and has kept it off by finally coming to terms with the mind-body connection with food and weight.

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