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Dr. Rosie Kuhn Notable Quotes

“If we’re not willing to invest in our own growth as a coach, or as a person in health and wellness, we’ll have to look at that context because that will interfere with the people coming to you. Because you have a thing that says, ‘coaching isn’t worth it,’ or some interpretation, or some belief or judgment about it.”
                                                            -Rosie Kuhn

“We’re all patterned—we’re all domesticated by our family, our culture, our religion. And so great coaches empower people to look at those choices that they made, and how they think certain ways, and how they interpret life in a certain way.”
                                                            -Rosie Kuhn


Episode Summary

            What does it mean to be a transformational coach? Is it giving advice? Is it making changes? Is it making sure some sort of transformation occurs within our clients? How do we even begin to tackle transformational coaching?

            In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to author, Dr. Rosie Kuhn, to walk us through what transformational coaching is, what it aims to do, and how it can help not just our clients, but ourselves as health coaches as well.


Relevant Links

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            36 Principles of Transformational Coaching by Rosie Kuhn

            Rosie Kuhn’s Books


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Rosie Kuhn (00:50)
  • Rosie Kuhn: who she is and what she does (02:58)
    • What great coaches do (04:22)
    • Rosie Kuhn’s book #15 (04:55)
  • What is a transformational coach (06:00)
  • How to get the shift into transformation (08:50)
    • The conflicting, underlying commitment (10:50)
  • Fear to lose something for a chance for change (12:08)
  • Common blocks entrepreneurs encounter (14:34)
  • How important is it to see someone succeed and achieve “the impossible” (16:36)
  • Who Rosie Kuhn looked up to as a reference (19:25)
    • The need for a thinking partner (21:22)
    • What it takes to be the exception (22:15)
  • Some of Rosie’s limiting beliefs that she had to overcome (23:11)
    • How to “cut the crap out” (26:30)
    • Training yourself to let go of what you’re afraid to lose (27:35)
  • Why it’s important for coaches to be coached (28:50)
    • What you want a coach would help you with (33:08)
  • Training 101 for health coaches listening (34:33)
    • What is it you want? What will you have when you have that? (34:45)
    • What’s the obstacle between you and what you want? (35:06)
    • What needs to shift so the obstacle goes away? (35:22)
    • What will you practice to make that shift? (36:06)
  • Coaching empowers people through inquiry (36:36)
    • Advice-giving is not coaching, it’s counseling (37:13)
  • The shift and change that got Omar ready to hire a team (39:02)
  • The spiritual dynamic of Rosie Kuhn’s practice (42:23)
    • The principles we speak of but don’t practice (45:36)
  • Coaching the spirituality (47:00)
  • Where to find Rosie Kuhn and keep up with what she’s doing (50:40)


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