Growth Strategies for Your Health Coaching Practice!

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Business Growth Tips from Growth Hacker Adi Soozin!

Marketing Right: Resonating with Your Niche


Adi Soozin Notable Quotes

“When you go online, you’re engaging with humans on a human level. So if you just go and post, and you don’t talk to other people, that’s like being invited to a party, walking in, and throwing out your fliers in the face of the person who opens the door, and then walking away and wondering why nobody responded to your flier.”
Adi Soozin

“People appreciate authenticity especially when deciding to become one of your clients.
                                                – Adi Soozin

Episode Summary

Growing our businesses as health coaches can be a tricky thing to go about…but it doesn’t have to be. As long as we’re equipped with the right knowledge and we go about it in a way that resonates with our kind of people, we’ll be good to go.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to serial entrepreneur and growth hacker Adi Soozin to talk about what we can use and how we can go about building out our own tribes and growing our businesses.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Adi Soozin (01:10)
  • Adi Soozin and working with startups (02:15)
    • Adi’s business specialties (03:25)
  • What Adi sees as the most common shortcoming of health coaches starting their business (05:05)
  • Adi’s checklists: designed to spark conversation (07:02)
  • The first step after the “Now what?” moment (08:50)
  • The next step for entrepreneurs whose businesses have kicked off the ground (11:28)
    • The First Three Rule (11:45)
  • Identifying the best marketing strategy for your business (13:15)
    • The Growth Framework (13:30)
    • Not one marketing strategy fits everyone (16:18)
  • What Adi thinks health coaches should focus on (18:05)
    • What is a Slack channel? (21:25)
  • Other resources that can make entrepreneurs’ lives easier (23:36)
  • Start small and grow into your brand (27:05)
  • External interest for Adi Soozin’s services and products (28:18)
  • Leveraging video answers (30:38)
  • Parting advice from Adi Soozin: take a look at LinkedIn (31:25)
  • Where to get in touch with Adi Soozin (37:16)

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