Game Changers: Mentorship and Mindset

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Identifying Your Clients’ Psychographics vs. Demographics

Cultivate Certainty in You, Your Business, and Your Opportunities


Kevin Kwan Notable Quotes

“ A mentor, a good mentor, can ask you the questions and surgically, basically, bring this stuff out of you…and then says, okay, this stuff is holding [you] back. You are better than this. Let’s work together on overcoming this so you can show up to your full potential.”
Kevin Kwan

“I believe that decisions are actually made by the body and what you feel. The head is there to just gather the information, process it and organize it.”
                                                – Kevin Kwan

“Opportunity’s out there, but we have to believe in ourselves to get it. But after that, we have to understand who we’re talking to.”
Kevin Kwan


Episode Summary

Building out a business, showing up for it consistently, and possibly even growing it is a whole journey—one that will need determination and grit. And building that kind of sturdy resolve comes a lot from a solid mindset.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to messaging and sales mentor Kevin Kwan to walk us through how building a solid mindset can pave the way for success not just for our business but in our lives as well. He shares his inspiring backstory of how he overcame his struggles to become the accomplished mentor he is today.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kevin Kwan (01:35)
  • How to Create a Business-Boosting Podcast For Health Coaches by Omar Cumberbatch (02:11)
  • Kevin Kwan, his origin story, and how it helped him become what he is today (03:32)
  • How mentorship became a big game changer (09:25)
  • The process of overcoming mindset hurdles (11:30)
  • Taking a leap of fate at a time when stakes are high (13:14)
  • The first step someone should take when transitioning into entrepreneurship (16:45)
    • The importance of identifying your avatar psychographics vs. demographics (18:34)
    • Appealing to your ideal clients’ mindset (20:53)
  • For the health coach who doesn’t know their niche yet (22:30)
    • Who can you serve best and get the most fulfilling results? (24:34)
  • From language difficulties to exceptional copywriter (25:40)
  • Kevin Kwan’s mindset approach and the results he gets for his clients (28:00)
    • Cultivate certainty in yourself, in your process, and in opportunity (28:34)
    • Pay attention to what you’re projecting (29:03)
    • Be clear with your values (30:26)
  • The Morning Priming Document (31:58)
  • Where to find and keep up with Kevin Kwan’s work (35:40)


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