How to Turn Consultations into Clients with Michelle Leotta!

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Why Should We Keep Marketing That First Consultation Call? 

How Can We Turn that Potential Client into a Paying Client?


Michelle Leotta Notable Quotes

“If you want to make money as a health coach, you want to support your family—you know, I’m a single mom, I have two little boys, I support my family all on my own. And to do that really requires some marketing know-how, so I always tell new coaches, ‘Don’t do another certification. Please, you don’t need more knowledge. You need to work with clients, and in order to work with clients, you need to be able to market yourself.”
Michelle Leotta


Episode Summary

Just how important is it for health coaches to keep marketing that first consultation call? Apart from getting to know that potential client and seeing what we can do for them, what else does it do? A lot of things, apparently.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy Podcast, we’re talking to podcast host, health coach, and business coach, Michelle Leotta, to drive home the magic of that first consultation call. She shares some do’s and don’ts as well as how we can command that first conversation to turn it into a signed deal.


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How to Turn Consultation Calls into Closed Deals


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michelle Leotta (01:03)
  • Michelle Leotta and what she’s been doing (03:13)
  • Michelle’s tips on having beautiful skin (04:26)
  • What puts health coaches at a disadvantage when they’re starting out (06:17)
  • The first step a health coach should take after getting that certification (08:57)
    • Social media is great, but… (11:00)
  • Why consultations are invaluable to acquiring new clients (12:00)
    • Keep offering your calls (14:50)
  • How to deal with rejection (15:38)
  • Turn Consultations into Paying Clients (19:09)
  • How do you frame your conversation? (19:30)
  • What to talk about in that first call (22:53)
  • Past the point of defining what a health coach is (26:05)
  • The most common mistakes health coaches make when trying to close deals (28:14)
  • Encourage potential clients to book a call to get a better sense of what’s involved (30:47)
  • Closing rate and Michelle Leotta (32:36)
  • Getting over the fear of selling anything (36:09)
  • Addressing the fear of commanding the pricing (38:44)
    • A funny story about dollar values (41:03)
  • Michelle Leotta’s Healthy Profit University (42:40)
  • A time when health coaches would be more commonplace (46:08)
    • The drawbacks to becoming more mainstream (47:07)


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