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Optimize Your Health, Lose Weight, and Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Dr. Stephen Hussey on Losing Weight by Eating Right and Moving Our Bodies


Dr. Stephen Hussey Notable Quotes

“I want people to be smart consumers of media. So there’s a lot of information there about health, and it can be really hard to sort through what’s the best, what’s not, or what’s just trying to sell you something or what’s just trying to grab your attention…I would just caution people to do their homework and not always take those media headlines as the truth.”
Dr. Stephen Hussey


Episode Summary

If you’ve been a listener to this show for a while, you’d know that we talk a lot about weight loss and optimizing health. And you would know that when we optimize our health, weight loss definitely follows. In addition to that, when we make lifestyle choices that make us leaner, we’re making choices to keep our heart health optimal.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to chiropractor and health coach, Dr. Stephen Hussey, to walk us through how optimizing our health doesn’t just lead to weight loss but also keeps our hearts healthy.


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Dr. Stephen Hussey – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Stephen Hussey (01:38)
  • Stephen Hussey, his story, and his work (02:48)
    • Getting involved in heart health (05:23)
  • Stephen Hussey’s thoughts on inflammation and weight gain (06:32)
  • The three imbalances in the body that causes heart attack (08:28)
    • Not being metabolically flexible (10:18)
    • Oxidative stress (13:41)
    • An imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (16:18)
  • Nitric oxide is important in the autonomic nervous system signaling (17:32)
  • What Dr. Stephen Hussey believes to be the leading cause of clot-less heart attacks (18:35)
  • Findings of clots in the area of a heart attack weren’t the cause of the heart attack (23:56)
  • A heart attack is a built up event over time (25:50)
  • Cellular death and scarring in muscles over time (27:04)
  • Stephen Hussey’s take on animal protein in weight loss (29:04)
  • The role of insulin in the body (31:25)
  • Stephen is unconcerned about the saturated fat or cholesterol from animal proteins (33:55)
  • The heart’s role in weight loss (35:55)
    • High-intensity interval training is what builds mitochondria in muscles (36:58)
  • The muscle mass you have is a marker of your quality of life and longevity (39:32)
  • Saturated fat and the ApoE4 gene: it’s all in context (40:58)
  • Primarily on the carnivore diet (45:06)
  • Stephen Hussey’s recommended diet for weight loss (47:09)
    • Adding the ketone supplement, bhb (48:48)
  • Where to find Dr. Stephen Hussey and keep up with what he’s doing (50:25)


Resources Mentioned

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