Molecular Hydrogen (H2): A Powerful Antioxidant

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Hydrogenated Water and Visible Results as Fast as Two Weeks

Leverage the Anti-Inflammatory Property of Molecular Hydrogen


Notable Quotes

“It seems like, really, nature has the solutions, and the body does the miracle—all it needs are the proper raw materials. And I believe, in my journey, that I found the best raw materials in the universe, and I know that’s a big claim.”

                                                – Craig Smith


Episode Summary

In the process of taking care of our health, it never hurts to add a few things to help maintain our health a little easier, be it with a change in the way we eat, exercising a bit more, or adding a daily antioxidant boost like molecular hydrogen.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the General Manager of Holy Hydrogen Craig Smith to walk us through just what molecular hydrogen is, all the health-promoting benefits it does to the body, and how we can easily add molecular hydrogen to our daily lives so we could also reap the therapeutic effects of this powerful antioxidant.


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Holy Hydrogen

First Purchase Discount: H2NOW


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Craig Smith (00:48)
  • Craig Smith: who he is and what he does (03:15)
  • How Craig Smith stumbled upon molecular hydrogen and its health benefits (08:55)
  • The difference between hydrogen in water and molecular hydrogen (13:53)
  • Knowledge of the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen (17:58)
  • How to get hydrogenated water into our day-to-day lives (20:35)
  • Do the hydrogenator machines also deal with toxins? (22:44)
  • Fizzy tabs and molecular hydrogen (24:40)
  • Is molecular hydrogen water safe for everybody? (27:31)
  • How quickly can you start seeing results with drinking molecular hydrogen water? (28:41)
  • The effects of molecular hydrogen on obesity (29:43)
  • The difference between hydrogen therapy and oxygen therapy (30:45)
  • Improving athletic performance with molecular hydrogen water (34:10)
  • Everything is part of the design (36:45)
  • Where to find Holy Hydrogen and the Lourdes Hydrofix (38:20)
  • Pricing, payment plans, and guarantees (40:04)


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