How a Health Coach Can Become a Market Leader!

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The Key to Becoming a Market Leader: Create Content Consistently

Content Creation Paves the Way to Become an Expert in the Field


Dr. Michael Haley Notable Quotes

“Market Leadership is creating content—quality content—on a consistent basis. Content that is beneficial to other people. Leadership is helping other people achieve their goals.”
Dr. Michael Haley

“If you create good content, you’re going to have to do research. And if you do research and continuously create content, eventually, you’re going to be the expert. It’s just the way it works.”
Dr. Michael Haley

“There’s a space for everyone, and the opportunities for content are huge, and as you’re spending more time watching other videos, you’re actually becoming more of an expert in that space.”
Dr. Michael Haley


Episode Summary

What does it mean to become an expert in your field and what does it take to become one? Along those lines, what does it mean to be a market leader? In fact, what even is a market leader? That’s one thing that we haven’t really talked about much in this podcast, but we’re soon going to correct that.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to one of those market leaders, Dr. Michael Haley, and he’ll shed some light on how we health coaches can be market leaders by creating good quality content consistently.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Michael Haley (00:58)
  • Michael Haley and his journey into the health and fitness space (03:20)
    • Michael Haley’s marketing hero, Ed Dale (03:42)
    • The Top 20 Rule (05:20)
    • Where creators get their content (08:50)
    • Creating good content and getting it in front of people (10:58)
  • The 365 Project and how it can make you better (12:28)
  • The most important math equation of all: ML = C x Cn (17:03)
  • Some people are terrified of being market leaders (19:25)
    • Just find one avenue that works for you (21:38)
  • Getting your content seen (21:56)
  • Curated content, the easiest content (23:56)
  • How we can stumble upon our ‘ticket’ as health coaches (25:48)
  • Don’t be scared of narrowing down your audience (28:00)
    • Ask yourself what you’re doing differently (29:15)
  • The One Thing (33:25)
  • Being a market leader pay better than not being a market leader (33:55)
  • Being a market leader is about mentoring the masses (37:27)
  • Where to catch Dr. Michael Haley (39:30)


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