How a Health Coach Can Become an Influencer with Luana Ribeira!

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It’s Not Just About the Likes: Influencers Go Beyond Numbers

Luana Ribeira: It’s All About Your Message


Luana Ribeira Notable Quotes

“The first thing that people need to do is to look internally and to figure out exactly who they are and to build the confidence to show that unapologetically, and to be authentic regardless of where they are in their journey. People want people who are real, not people who are pretending to be something else.”
Luana Ribeira

“What has to happen—what absolutely has to happen is that our mission, our purpose, has to be more important to withstand our fears. When that happens, that’s when we become unstoppable.”
Luana Ribeira


Episode Summary

In this digital age, many people leverage the power of social medias to build their brand. Not just that, when these people start standing out from their peers, they become influencers, building followings that listen to their messages. Health coaches can do the same.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to actress, businesswoman, and influencer, Luana Ribeira, to walk us through what an influencer is, what they do, and the benefits that come with becoming an influencer.


Relevant Links

Luana Ribeira – Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkeIn | Twitter


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Luana Ribeira (01:18)
  • Luana Ribeira and being an influencer (02:24)
  • It’s not about the numbers, it’s the quality (04:20)
  • Wrongly putting the focus on the numbers, not their identity (05:50)
  • The importance of being an influencer (07:02)
  • Getting unstuck by becoming your real, authentic you (14:00)
  • A misconception behind acting (15:44)
  • How a health coach can become an influencer when they’re camera shy (17:45)
    • Luana’s trick to overcome hesitations (21:55)
  • Take the time to suck while you don’t have a huge following yet (22:57)
  • The not-so-obvious benefits of being an influencer (24:44)
  • The impact you bring into people’s lives (26:58)
  • Skills Luana Ribeira learned to get where she is today (29:58)
    • Overcoming opposition (32:33)
    • Learning who Luana doesn’t want in her space (34:06)
  • Our purpose should be stronger than our fears (36:40)
  • Where to find and keep up with Luana Ribeira (37:03)


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