Opening Doors with Press Releases

Mickie Kennedy, health coach academy podcast

A New Marketing Oultet: Press Releases

Tell the World the New Unique Thing You’re Doing


Notable Quotes

“A press release is a moment in time. And if you could send out the same press release six months or two years later, then there was nothing news-worthy about that press release. You’re obviously saying something that’s evergreen and probably not news-worthy.”
Mickie Kennedy


Episode Summary

When it comes to getting our names out there, we’ve talked about several kinds of strategies—from content marketing, to email marketing, to social media marketing. But we’ve never had the chance to talk about—and probably even think about—another effective way to get exposure, which is press releases.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the founder of eReleases, Mickie Kennedy, to shed some light on how we health coaches can leverage press releases to get more exposure and more clients.


Relevant Links

Mickie Kennedy – eReleases Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Mickie’s Press Release Strategies Course


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Mickie Kennedy (01:07)
  • New slots open for Omar’s podcast coaching! (02:25)
  • Mickie Kennedy, press releases, and eReleases (05:15)
  • What is a press release? (08:50)
    • Using quotes in press releases (10:04)
    • Accessible language (11:15)
  • The difference between a one-sheet and a press release (12:47)
  • Do a survey or a study (13:48)
    • Tap trade associations (15:20)
    • Throw in some left-field questions (16:47)
  • Strategic press release ideas (17:48)
  • Do a proper PR campaign (19:10)
  • Doing press releases to boost credibility (20:52)
  • Exposing your audience and leads to your press releases (22:12)
  • Media coverage begets more media coverage (23:48)
  • Where do press releases go?(26:32)
  • How much does a press release cost? (28:30)
  • Try to write press releases yourself (31:06)
  • Is the media hungry for press releases? (33:28)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Mickie Kennedy (36:05)


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