Do the Work: There is No Magic Pill

Lori Kennedy, Health Coach Academy, podcast

Heeding the Visceral Call to Serve Others

Clearly Define What Winning Means to You

Notable Quotes

“I know, in fact, that that is why I’m still here, is because I can teach strategy no problem…the reason I am talking about what I am talking about and my ideal client hasn’t changed is because I understand them, whether you were your ideal client in the past—I was mine, I just happened to be mine—or you just have a passion for what you’re doing.”
Lori Kennedy

“It’s about incremental improvement over time because that’s all I can control. That’s all I’m responsible for. And I’m here to win, and the money is evidence that I am, and the lack of money is evidence that we still have work to do, and that’s okay because not every team wins the championship every year.”
Lori Kennedy

“Me, as a human, I am not responsible for the outcomes that other people achieve, even though they’ve paid me money. I am responsible for providing the best quality program and coaching that I feel we can do…and as a business owner, my responsibility is to put out the best program we possibly can.”
Lori Kennedy


Episode Summary

One of the biggest things they teach us at health coaching school is creating one-on-one programs. And for many of us health coaches, that’s exactly what we start off with. The thing is, sticking to one-on-one programs would soon prove to be unsustainable in the long run, especially when we start thinking about expanding the business and freeing up more time for ourselves. And the way to work around it is through creating online courses.

In this episode of The Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to business owner and business mentor Lori Kennedy to walk us through how online courses and programs are the key to free up time and secure financial freedom. She also dives into the importance of digging into your “why,” as well as shedding light on what we, as health coaches, are and are not responsible for when it comes to our clients and getting them results.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lori Kennedy (01:33)
  • Lori Kennedy’s 5-Day Live Course (02:13)
  • Lori Kennedy and what she’s been up to (03:47)
  • There is no magic pill for anything (06:58)
  • A coach’s staying power lies in understanding the impact of their clients’ problems (10:02)
  • Relaying the pain point of lacking a solid understanding of the business (11:06)
    • Heeding the deep, visceral need to serve others (13:05)
  • Lori Kennedy’s “why” and her drive to consistently show up (17:13)
    • The innate drive to win—but what is winning? (19:53)
  • The issue of tying your clients’ success to your own success (23:23)
  • Clearly defining expectations: disappointment comes from mismatched expectations (29:13)
  • “I would not quit. Period.” (32:01)
  • Having an online program is your ticket to freedom (37:42)
  • The driving force behind creating online courses (41:37)
  • Expanding on your one thing (47:09)
  • Where to find and keep up with Lori Kennedy’s work (49:46)


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